3 attributes that create personal responsibility for success


1. Personal responsibility and self reliance

Responsibility: You have the ability to make a response.

To change your life.

The willingness to take ownership and reserve yourself the ability to respond.

How many of us blame others for our lives?

You are where you are because of your best thinking.

Sometimes we have a long list of reasons why our lives aren’t working, it’s always someone else’s fault.

We fail to put ourselves on the list and more to the point on the very top of the list.

Have you ever asked yourself why are some people having a better quality of life and your still grinding?

Once you’re done with the awful feeling that you can’t provide and going through the motions of mediocrity, say to yourself:

“I’m going to do whatever I can from where I am with whatever I’ve got!”

Take action from where you are and what you have, and when you do you’ll start noticing changes.

Make a decision to become self reliant and personally responsible.

The life you want also wants you.

The only way to get it is to stop pretending that your results in life have anything to do with the world and it’s outside factors.


2. You need to make friends with money

You’ve probably been keeping money at arms length for way too long.

Your repelling it from you without realizing it.

People who like things have them around.

Why am I not rich already?

Reason 1. Because you never decided to be.

Reason 2. You don’t like money , your negative about it and repel it from you.

Financially independent and rich is the same thing however society doesn’t see it that way.

Money is just as it important as the things that it buys.

Your life revolves around pushing it with one hand and pulling it with another.

There are things called money viruses.

We are conditioned to hearing or saying things like:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

You need to surround yourself with people that don’t want to talk about the Kardashian’s, who’s pregnant, who’s in rehab etc.

Our brain is processed for survival – “I don’t have alot of money but I love my family” this is how people destroy their lives.

Every multi millionaire will tell you this.

Start getting engaged in personal development.

The community that I am a part of teaches you how to make friends with money.

Some of you have repelled money from you because you don’t think you deserve it.

Disconnect your perspective between money and time.

Make some shifts in your thinking.

Be ok by following a system and making more money that could have ever imagined, it’s ok.

You have permission to go and get rich.

You don’t have to measure yourself against anyone else.

Make your money by being of value and service to people.

Not at the expense of people.

It’s ok for you to want to be rich.

It is your birth right to be rich and financially healthy.


3. Free enterprise – Understand it

The law of exchange, moving value not actual content.

Your not paying for the actual content your paying for the value of what the result of what you just bought is which will assist you to get what you want.

Every penny I make from my business is money that I deserve as it helps to change and transform peoples lives and you get to be a part of their stories.

It helps families stay together.

It helps college students pay their student loans.

It helps parents pay for their daughters dream wedding and guess what?

Just in case your not convinced which would be virtually impossible by this stage here’s a recap:

  • Be self reliant
  • Be personally responsibility – not living as a victim
  • Your life isn’t happening to you, your happening to your life
  • Take action and make new decisions
  • Make friends with money.
  • It’s ok to get rich, you deserve it.
  • Not wealthy, rich.
  • Don’t blame and find fault.
  • Be of more service to make more money.
  • Engage in free enterprise to allow you to earn what you finally deserve.
  • We are here to talk about making a lot of money – getting rich.


Here in our community we are really a leadership factory disguised as a business opportunity.

What do we do?

We hold up mirrors and show people who they really are – take a stand that tells you, you can be better than who you are, achieve more, and be bigger than you ever thought possible.


34 thoughts on “3 attributes that create personal responsibility for success

  1. Making Friends with Money AWESOME! So glad you shared all 3 but #2 I had HUGE mental blocks with & I’m so happy you mentioned this to people because it’s a huge problem most people aren’t even aware that they have.

    Excellent post Alesha!

  2. Hi Alesha…totally profound…you got it. We are responsible, we are the creator of our own destiny. We must make money our friend….it is the only way it will stay and partnered with us. Thanks for the value…

  3. An entrepreneur must take responsibility for themselves and their own actions. People are watching them all the time so they must lead by example. Great post!

  4. Hey Alesha! I like how you pointed out that this community is a leadership factory disguised as a business opportunity.
    I realized this community provides soo much more than just making money. They help and encourage each other to become a better person 🙂

  5. This is a great article on personal responsibility! Some of what you say reminds me of one of my mentors, Jeffery Combs Official Fan Page. Thanks for sharing. The sooner you learn to take responsibility for yourself and your enterprise, the sooner you will see success! 🙂

  6. I love it Alesha Drew! I like to tell my wife that I have a personal Money God. It always seems that when I need a certain amount it just shows up…boom…money god. My higher power watches over me in all things, including money. Great, great, great message.

  7. I love your post today Alesha? because I’m always talking about personal responsibility. Far too many people give up because they haven’t developed the attributes as you point our here. Great post!

  8. Good stuff, so many people have limiting beliefs about money. Great point on understanding free enterprise too. Some hate the game I just learn the rules then try to play better than everyone else!

  9. Fantastic article! Super loved this line – I’m going to do whatever I can from where I am with whatever I’ve got!
    Thanks for sharing this!

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