Often when we are creating content for our blog, an article, an email, a facebook post or any type of post on social media, we struggle to find creative, efficient and fast ways to create content that is going to stand out in the marketplace.

Below are 4 free ‘nifty’ resources that I personally use to become a more creative, efficient & fast content creator:

1. PicMonkey

Pic Monkey

PicMonkey is a fantastic tool when your looking to edit, touch up, design and create collages for your images.



Pic Monkey #2





PicMonkey #3






In the edit settings you are able to use a number of features including:

  • Crop
  • Effects
  • Touch Up
  • Text
  • Overlays
  • Frames
  • Textures
  • Themes









The Touch Up Section allows for numerous options for the skin,mouth, eyes and the rest.

PicMonkey #4































The Design section below gives you complete design control.


PicMonkey #5


























The last feature is the Collage.


Pic Monkey #6



Here is an example of a collage I made for my Facebook cover photo from a collection of pictures from a recent trip back home to Australia:

PicMonkey Collage









Here is another example of an image where I added text and a red shadowed border to make it pop:

What's Your Plan Of Attack Today










Here I am playing around with a few different effects from the Themes & Textures section:

What's Your Plan Of Attack Today #2

What's Your Plan Of Attack Today #3









PicMonkey is absolutely free, however there are a few premium features that can only be unlocked when upgrading to a Royale membership.

I personally only use the free version and it does the job just fine as the capabilities are awesome.

Editing your images in PicMonkey will give you a bit of an edge over your competitors by creating images that pop to grab your viewers attention.

It doesn’t seem like much but it can make a huge difference in your content growth and engagement on your social media and your blog.

PicMonkey is also easy to use, especially for beginners and a masterpiece can be created within seconds!

When you save your design you have options of where you would like to share it, save it and the quality of the image.

Tip: I would always recommend the best quality and in PicMonkey’s case that would be the term ‘Sean’.


2. Addtext

Addtext is exactly what it sounds like – a really cool website you can go to where you Add Text to your images!

You also have the freedom to check out their gallery of images and use those if you like.

The addtext images will have a watermark in the bottom right hand corner unless you become a premium member for $19.95 per year.

The watermark is so small that it doesn’t concern me, however here’s a little tip for you:

Take a screen shot once you’ve created your image without the watermark in it and there you have it! 😉

Below are some examples of text when added to images:

Addtext Example









There are many text styles and sizes to choose from and what I also like is you are able to use your mouse and move the text to exactly where you want it on the image.

Here’s another little tip for you: I personally use addtext to create youtube thumbnail text images so that they pop when the viewer is searching for related videos and they see exactly what the video is about.


3. Picresize



Picresize is a cool free tool that is extremely nifty in many circumstances, obviously for whenever you need to resize an image.

This is quite a popular tool when it comes to having certain size measurements for advertising and profile images.

You can change the size within selected percentages or create a custom size of your own.

Extremely straight forward and easy to use, allowing you to the save the image immediately to your computer for use.

Tip: Be sure to always re name your images once your done saving.

PS No payment of any sort necessary to use all the bells and whistles. 😉


4. iStockphoto






iStockphoto is an extremely popular place where you can grab awesome high resolution royalty free images, illustrations, video’s and music clips.

You will have three credits to download images with the choice of different file sizes and filters.

18 credits for videos

3 credits for illustrations

3 credits for audio

Once you have used up all your credits you will have the option to pay per download or subscribe and save.

This is where iStockphoto can become a bit pricey but definitely worth it.

iStockphoto is also equipped with awesome tools and apps in the participation section.

It’s a great place to grab a piece of media that you need royalty free, not having to worry about copyright laws.

Tip: If your an online marketer, the iStockphoto images are the bomb when creating capture pages!


So there you have it folk!

4 free ‘nifty’ image resources to becoming a more creative, efficient & fast content creator.

These resources have worked wonders for me over the years and I will continue to use them in the future.

Whether your online for fun, an online marketer like myself, blogger, image junkie these resources will definitely help you out.


Tell me in the comments below your experiences with these resources and feel free to let me know if you have any of your own that you can share.

20 thoughts on “4 free ‘nifty’ image resources to becoming a more creative, efficient & fast content creator

  1. Those are cool sites and a great image resource. Being creative and uniique with our images can result in attracting more eyeballs to your content, thanks for sharing Alesha!

  2. Great list of tools! I’ve used picresize a lot and love it. Looking forward to trying the others out. Thanks so much for sharing them.

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