5 Business Blog Money Making Boosters


If you would like to take your business blog from this….


90 users to my business blog












To this….


13,444 users to my business blog












Pay very close attention to what I share with you in this article.

I am going to show you the 5 business blog money making boosters I use that turned my blog from 90 users per week to 13,444 users per week.


1. A Compelling Lead Magnet


Email marketing still is and most likely will always be one, if not the, most powerful way of generating subscribers.

There is no difference between a blog subscriber and a lead.

A lead is a subscriber and a blog subscriber is a lead.

If you want to generate consistent leads on a daily basis you will need to have a compelling lead magnet.


On your business blog you will want to make sure you have side banners:


The Truth Or Hype Blog Banner Example






















Majority of your leads will most likely not come from your side blog banner opt in.

They will come from….


2. A personalized Capture Page


Example one:

‘FREE REPORT’ Reveals 11 Solutions To Your Blogging Bloppers:

11 solutions to your blogging bloppers













Β Example two:

‘FREE REPORT’ Reveals The 7 Things You Need To Know about building an online business:

The 7 things you need to know about building an online business













Learn more about the capture page formula: The capture page formula that converts


When someone comes to your landing page they can only do one of two things:

1. Opt in to receive their lead magnet

2. Leave your page to most likely never return

If your capture page lands in front of the right targeted audience you it’s very possible to convert up to 40, 50, 60 0r even 70% of those people into subscribers.

Learn more on: The three types of traffic to attract the right target audience


So how do you do that:

1. Your offer – If your lead magnet is not compelling, it’s all over.

2. Your copy – Focusing on your headline and description of the lead magnet.

3. The layout/design – The look and the feel of your capture page is crucial as long as you’ve nailed the offer and the copy.


So now you’re probably thinking so how do I get 13,444 people to my site like you did?


3. A Paid Traffic Strategy


I always love organic (free) traffic from SEO and social media marketing, but I don’t like to pin my hopes solely on these methods.

I like to turn on the paid traffic because it’s reliable and consistent if you know the right sources to get it from.

It’s also quick and you can analyze your results straight away.

I like to buy traffic but I don’t like to pay for leads and subscribers.

That’s why I have what’s called a trip wire offer.

A low dollar offer that is offered to those that opt in for the lead magnet.

When it converts, it assists in off setting the cost of the purchased traffic.


As the owner of a business and a business blog it is your responsibility to create compelling content and value otherwise none of this will convert.

Forcing the right eye balls on your content.

Remember: You want to solve your target audience’s problems.

Focusing on driving traffic to your business.


In order to do that you’ll need to free up more of your time and have….


4. Multiple Authors


Of course you can blog daily and create all of the content on your own however this is not how the big boy business’s that are really killing it operate.

They operate like media companies, true publishers with an array of authors.


Because creating content is not the greatest use of your time, it is not an income producing activity.

Generating leads and sales is!

Sure, you can be the main content producer on your site but your primary focus is to get as many targeted eye balls as possible to your content.

You’ll also open the door for new networks when you allow others to post on your blog.

These people will share it with their network.

You as the business owner need to be the business owner, not slaving away at the content for majority of the day.

Focus on the business side not the editorial side.


Β 1. Example

The Changes Of SEO: Then, Now And The Future by Lamere Carter:

Lamere Carter Multiple Author Example















5. Consistent Quality Content


If you want to play the business blogging game you’ll have to pull out quality content that people want to read, solves people’s problems and ultimately buying from you.

When you own a business blog you are:

The publisher: You publish content the same way the NY times and Huffington Post do.

The advertiser: You will sell your products and services around the outside of the quality content you create.

When you do this you are creating an audience, a loyal following that you make offers to.


Bad Content = No Audience = No Ability To Advertise


Just as a really bad TV show with content, it will attract zero audience and zero advertisers.


In conclusion you own a business blog or are starting one ask yourself these questions:


1. Do I have a compelling lead magnet?

2. Do I have a personalized capture page?

3. Do I have a paid traffic strategy?

4. Do I have multiple authors?

5. Do I have consistent quality content?


5 business blog money making boosters


Feel free to ask questions and leave your comments below:

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  1. Well, Alesha, to just say I was highly impressed by your post would probably be a lack of respect as your content is AWESOME! Thanks a lot for sharing it, it is an eye-opener for me. I have bookmarked your post and will get back to it.

  2. As always you have delivered massive content and value in this blog! I learn something from you everytime I read a blog you have done. Great training and I am heading back to read it again. πŸ™‚

  3. I really love how you broke everything down I must say every since I started blogging how have seen a big shift inside of my network marketing business because of my blog , I have learned the importance of a lead magnet and lead capture pages that I am using to grow my business as well daily.I understand more of how to use all three together and build and grow and show how to build a lasting team and customer base as well,

  4. With 24 hours in a day, I wonder how you are able to create blogs packed with such great information, Alesha. You’ve done it again! Thank you.

  5. Thanks Sheila, amazing post with so clear action steps. This post will save much time and money for lot of people, great work.

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