When it comes to Facebook we’ve all read a Facebook status update at one time or another and we’ve thought to ourselves:

“What the?”

There are a number of Facebook status updates that need to stop right now before your reputation is ruined and you have no friends left.

As a frequent Facebook user for personal use connecting with family and friends across the globe and also for Business purposes, I’m going to share with you 6 BIG Facebook Status updates that I have seen from time to time that I cannot stand any longer:



“I’m headed to dinner! #dinner #food #restaurant #hungry #Imsohungry #eat #foodie #bestdinnerever”

Hashtags can be fun when used appropriately, on the other hand if they are overused like this, it’s just plain hashtag abuse!

No one likes to have to pick out the words in a hashtag to figure it out: WhatifIwroteallmysentenceslikethisnowyouknowhowifeel.

I get it, you want your status to be seen, it’s not necessary to use this many though, it’s like keyword stuffing – it’s not effective.



“Going to hospital now” “Massive car accident” “I’m scared for my life”

First of all, if your involved in a major accident you shouldn’t be updating your status on Facebook. The forgotten phone call would be your best bet!

Second of all what a way to get massive attention and leave everyone hanging worrying sick about you! It’s just not cool!



“Taking a shower” “Going to bed” “Watching TV” “Checked in at Seven Eleven” “Checked in at Macys”

What is going on here? This is so boring and no one wants to know about it!



“I’m cleaning up my Friend’s list so you better comment below if you want to stay on my list”

“I just cleaned out my friends list, if you’re reading this right now, congratulations you made the cut!”

Most of the time this isn’t true and just a ploy to get comments and likes on a status.

If this person is a true friend they aren’t going to delete you anyway.



“OMG why haven’t you responded to my text msg?” “What are you talking about, you’re crazy!”

This is just a plain waste of the news feed, clearly you need to direct this to that particular person and not the entire Facebook community.



“Ughh I feel so sick today” “I can’t believe this is happening to me!”

This type of status update is just plain sad because clearly you want attention and feel the need to use Facebook to do it.

About 5% of your friends will die from curiosity and cave in to ask what’s up and give you sympathy, but the other 95% of us know you’re being intentionally vague for attention.


6 BIG Facebook Status MISTAKES that make you go "What the?"










If you’re guilty of posting any of these kinds of statuses, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. JUST STOP!

I remember one time when I posted a status years ago when I was feeling sorry for myself.

The post was only up for a few minutes until one of my best friends called me and said “What the hell is this?” It knocked sense into me very quickly!

It is even more crucial if you are running a business.

How can you expect people to connect with you on a professional level and respect you if your posting like this?

Giving value, connecting, sharing life moments, inspiration, pictures and video’s will add value to people’s lives, not status updates like this.


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26 thoughts on “6 BIG Facebook Status MISTAKES that make you go “What the?”

  1. Now this is funny because I have seen some of these status updates in my newsfeed and I be like Oh Lord! What now with certain people.

  2. Great post “THE CLASSIC FRIEND CLEAN UP” some how is becoming a common style amongst marketers. Indeed trying to get attention and comments. I believe comments truly comes when we post consistently especially posting valuable contents.

  3. BTW, a great addition to this is -I have had some Facebook friends who post explicit pictures and videos that will appear on my feeds (also on TWITTER). Keep an eye for those too, its bad for online reputation if you are in a professional business like this one. Great reminder Alesha…

  4. Hello Alesha, awesome…totally agree with all the above. many people just over do it. It is insanity. Thanks, nice going.

  5. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who feel the same way about some status that are posted.Thanks for reminding us.

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