64 Facebook marketing strategies for 2015


Facebook is definitely an online giant when it comes to social media.

Not only on a personal use level, on a professional business level as well.


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Below is an infograph I discovered that socialmediaonlineclasses.com created that lays out 64 Facebook marketing strategies for 2015.


Each Facebook strategy is under 8 different categories:


1. Fans

2. Engagement

3. Timeline

4. Insights

5. Contests

6. Monetization

7. Share

8. Ads



























Facebook is undoubtedly a goldmine that any business can tap into in 2015 if they focus on the strategies inside these 8 categories.

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49 thoughts on “64 Facebook marketing strategies for 2015

    1. Thank you Stephanie, Facebook marketing can be a learning curve indeed however if you stick with it and keep updated with the changes you will end up seeing a change in your results.

  1. LOVE this infographic!! Facebook has so much offer – it’s truly an amazing marketing platform. Thanks for sharing, Alesha!! I also just checked out the website you got that from – it’s awesome! Signed up for the newsletter!

    1. Awesome Paul! Facebook is definitely the online giant of social media indeed with many fantastic updates to come very soon.

  2. There is so much to learn! And not enough hours in my day. I will certainly be leaving your blog open on my computer……this will be useful.Thank you

    1. lol I feel you on this one Lucie, we must take things one step at a time so as we don’t feel overwhelmed. You’re welcome back to my blog anytime!

  3. This is some crucial information for any business owner. I especially like that engaging with fans is encouraged. Personally if I comment on someone’s fanpage I enjoy when I get interaction. It definitly wows me lol. Thanks Alesha

    1. No worries Maria!
      Thank you so much for creating such an informative Infograph that I am very happy to report has not only been very very useful for myself but also many of my readers as well.
      Keep rockin it out!

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