The last thing anyone wants is a blog with an audience full of crickets…












The aim of a blog is to build a rapport and relationship with your readers through the value that you give, solving people’s problems, entertaining them and ultimately giving them a pleasurable experience anticipating your next post.

And don’t forget if you’re selling something, you may also like your readers to opt in to learn more and make an investment in your products and services.



There are three essential parts to a blog:



You must keep the prospect in mind, what is their problem?

Catch their attention through your headline.

If the headline does not entice the reader to check out your post, you’ve already lost them and they’ll never see your content.



Your content in your post must be valuable.

Be human, be yourself using video and images to liven up your information.


3. END

Give the solution to your problem, typically with a call to action – tell the reader what they need to do next, being very clear about it.

So now that we have a basic overview of the mechanics of a blog, below are 7 impacting blogging tips that will remove the crickets and make way for the crowds:


1. Set the right frame for your readers, your big promise of what your post is going to do for your reader.

To do this you need to know your reader and what they want.

This will begin to progress over time.


2. Hook your readers – keep your headline short using adjectives, personalize the negative and use numbers – data.


3. Data in your posts always shows credibility when you mention the source of the information or the info graph.


4. Link your content to the experts your referring to in your posts. 


5. LOVE your readers.


6. Be careful not to use fancy vocabulary in your posts, be yourself and write the same way you talk.


7.  Call to action: Be sure to have your opt in boxes and links clearly visible for your readers as it’s crucial to be building your list.


In closing, your blog is your stage and you have the opportunity to fill your stage with your own unique value.


41 thoughts on “7 impacting blogging tips removing the crickets and making way for the crowds

  1. You’ve laid this out perfectly… I do believe anyone that follows this… will scare the crickets away! 😉

  2. Great post and straight to the point. For me I love blogging about things that want to make the reader click on the post and say OOH! that title looks interesting I must know more. One of my secret methods of marketing through blogging is I think of blogging like I am a freelance journalist. When I put my hat to the back it’s game on I start typing super fast and I can hear myself in my mind reporting the news from a third party perspective. Not many bloggers can do that it takes time to develop this skill but once I did I started teaching it to my students in our business. Now when they blog they write like they work for Channel News or Perez Hilton LOL! ~ Anastacia “Ace”.

    1. Wow this is an awesome golden nugget you just dropped Ace! I will definitely be implementing this blogging style for myself. Thanks so much for sharing one of your secret methods.

  3. Good post. Yes a call to action is very important. If you only have value then all your good efforts can go by unnoticed.

  4. Wow this is an awesome golden nugget you just dropped Ace! I will definitely be implementing this blogging style for myself. Thanks so much for sharing one of your secret methods.

  5. Hello Alesha, golden nuggets tips on how to keep the crickets out. Those 7 rules are a must follow. Giving value and knowing the prospects challenges and having the solution as you mentioned, the crickets will not have a chance. Thanks for the value and tips.

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