8 user experience tips for boosting landing page conversions

It is a well known fact that creating a high converting landing page is an extraordinary feat.

Below are 8 user experience tips for boosting your landing page conversions:


1. Make your sites purpose very clear and defined

You don’t want your user to have to scatter their eyes all over the page to find what they’re looking for.

The aim here is to not make them have to think.

Describing who you are and what you do can be very helpful especially when you are first starting out branding yourself.

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2. Onboarding experience matters

This is the process of familiarizing your users with your site.

When introduced to your page, users should be able to easily discover how to stay there.


3. Engage with your users

Users these days want two way communication.

A great technique to invoke this is the gamification process.

Involving the user in the experience, they want to be heard and listened to.

e.g. show progress, levels, give badges, points and hook your user with good onboarding.


4. Content is king

Majority of people don’t read entire text, they scan it.

Make sure you provide a killer headline, informative subheadline, powerful images and visible call to action button.

Converting landing pages present user’s benefits, NOT company’s profits.

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5.  Say thankyou!

Go a step further when a user visits your site and wants to learn more, by giving you their email address in exchange for a valuable piece of information (lead magnet) by saying thank you on the next page.

It’s the small things that go a long way.

The thank you page is also where you can continue your relationship with the user, which can result in a future conversion.


6. Start running A/B testing

Also known as split testing, this is an effective way to measure and optimize your landing pages.

Testing two versions, landing page A and landing B, you’ll discover which page converts better with that particular audience.

There are various elements you can test: headlines, call to action’s, web form’s type of fields and length, product pricing, images, amount of text and many more.

I would advise to only test one element at any one time.

Otherwise it wont be clear which element converted better.

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7. Create responsive landing pages

It is no secret that the number of mobile users is growing.

A study from Google reveals that 73% of mobile searches trigger additional actions and conversions and 81% of mobile researches are driven by speed and convenience.

Mobile-friendly sites turn visitors into customers.


8. Check and analyze your sites statistics

Constant optimization is the key.

Once you test a landing page and it converts best, don’t stop there.

Compete it against another landing page and constantly strive to get the best conversion rate possible.

Measuring and analyzing site’s statistics allows to maximize effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI).


Below is the Get Response infograph relating to the 8 user experience tips for boosting landing page conversions:

Get Response Landing page Infograph


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  1. Not only do I love these tips tips Alesha, but love the infographic designs as well! I wanted to ask you if you use leadpages.net, or if yo would recommend it? Thanks!

  2. WOW – another killer blog Alesha This is something I am really starting to get my head around. The A/B split testing is crucial – don’t just think because you like it others will too – by split testing you can know for sure what works and what doesn’t.

  3. Not only great tips Alesha but also good checklist as we go through our day to day business, it’s always good to review things like this to help us keep on course. Good post!

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