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Β AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungy – The World’s Highest

233Meters / 764 Feet



I was living in Macau China at the time, working as a Professional Dancer/Dance Captain in shows at The Sands Hotel & Casino andΒ The Venetian Resort & Casino.

Myself and my cast had the honor of being the opening show at the Venetian,Β  the largest Hotel & Casino in the world.

I had previously sky jumped off the Macau Tower a year earlier and when the Bungy opened, I knew I had a new exciting challenge to face.

I remember the minutes leading up to my plummet to the ground so vividly to this very day.

I had never Bungy jumped before, it had never been something I wanted to do until this moment.

I think one of the main reasons I wanted to do it was because it is the tallest tower in the world to Bungy from.


AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungy 2008


Due to the height – 233 meters / 764 feet, the usual jolt that you see when someone Bungy’s was eliminated with a completely smooth ride.

As the countdown ringed in my ears I literally saw my life flash before me.


I thought to myself “Well, if I’m going to go, this might as well be how”

I was petrified, I had never felt fear of this magnitude before.

So much so that I felt frozen, nervous, heart pounding with excitement.


Leaning forward off the edge and falling 233 meters / 764 feet to the ground….

It was the closest feeling to flying a human being can endure.

I was flying…..

(You can see the 5 people lying on the ground watching me – my cast)

The highest form of adrenaline rush…

It was the most exhilarating, empowering experience I have ever had in my life.

Afterwards, the feeling of achievement was palpitating.


So many of us let fear control our lives.

Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

When we really want to do something, we need to focus on the positive feelings that this experience will result in.

Focusing on the fear and negative feelings surrounding it, will result in nothing.

Nothing changes when nothing changes.


I would have REGRETTED it for the rest of my life if I had of chickened out.

I would have wondered for the rest of my life “What If?”

Face your fears today, get comfortable being uncomfortable and go after what you want.


What's Stopping You


Sometimes it’s just a small shift in the mind.

Growing yourself as a person through inspirational audios and books.

We must stand guard to the door of our minds and feed it something good every single day.

Macau Tower



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  1. Holy crap, Alesha. I get what you’re saying about fear, and I’ve done some things out of my comfort zone – but I take my hat off to you! This was off the chain.

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