As A Human Being We All Posses This ‘One Power’ At Any Given Moment 



Stress doesn’t come from the facts…

Stress comes from the MEANING we give the facts


Let me ask you this:

What is the one power we have as human beings

at any given moment?


The power of CHOICE:


  • We can CHOOSE what to FOCUS on,


  • What things MEAN


  • What TO DO


These three CHOICES, these three DECISIONS, control our life.


Realize that there is another way that there is a way that can get you out of your place of struggle and into a life of greatness.


All you have to do is make a CHOICE


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How has the power of choice influenced your life and decision making processes?

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23 thoughts on “As A Human Being We All Posses This ‘One Power’ At Any Given Moment

  1. Excellent post, Alesha! I’ve never heard stress defined as such…the meaning we GIVE the facts! Very powerful and simply laid out! It really DOES boil down to the basics, doesn’t it… 🙂

  2. Great post Alesha, and you gave me a aha moment with the power we give stress in how we look at it. I’ve known about how we have the power of choice, but haven’t always exercised that power to chose what I focus and the meaning I give it.

  3. Good video and thanks for sharing your ahha moment Alesha! I would also like to share that I was reading another blog a couple days ago. I learned that stress is a mindset, as you mention, we are the ones that give it energy. But in some cases being ‘stressed’ should be looking at a positive thing, meaning that it is actually guiding us to what we want or don’t want. If we look at stress in the negative, it will certainly bring your mindset and thinking into that negative space. Interesting how powerful our minds really are.

    1. Great insight Lynn, you certainly bring up some very valid points on stress.
      Looking at stress in a positive light can be very empowering indeed.

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