Blogging strategy plan that creates free viral traffic to your blog


It’s a strategy you might be familiar with, you may have already even been doing this and with this one twist you could be creating massive free viral traffic to your blog.

I recently stumbled upon this strategy and gave it a whirl.

The results were so surprising that I wanted to share them.

I chose an influential authority person that I was inspired by and wrote a blog post entitled:

F*** YOU – How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over

In this post I showcased Mel Robbins TEDX keynote address, edifying her and linking back to her website.

After syndication, there was an extra very important step that I took that changed everything.


It is so simple and small that it often gets over looked.

I figured out which social media site Mel was most active on, which ended up being twitter.

I tweeted this message to her below:

Mel Robbins Tweet Thank You














As you can see she replied to my tweet and thanked me.

I thought this was fabulous.

( I actually discovered this first, notice the time stamps on these images, Mel thanked me after she did what she did below)

And then this happened:

Mel Robbins Tweet Favorited
















Mel favorited my tweet, so now I thought, well this is really cool.

Then this happened:


Mel Robbins Tweet Retweeted















Mel Robbins had not only replied to my tweet, favorited my tweet, she also retweeted my tweet.

(say that sentence over and over really fast lol)

Sure, my tweet would have already been seen because I tweeted it to Mel, she replied and then she favorited it….

what I want you to focus on here is that Mel personally retweeted my tweet to her 9943 followers.

Granted 9943 people wouldn’t have seen this tweet from her, however because of one simple tweet, I now have the opportunity to showcase my Mel Robbins blog post to 9943 of her followers.

Gaining free viral traffic to my blog.


Notice what I did in the original tweet I sent her?

I not only thanked Mel for her badass TEDX video, I also let her know I wrote a blog post on it and included the link.


Of course this strategy is not going to work for every single influential person you blog about.

If you can manage to take a little bit of time to find out where they hang out: Facebook, twitter, google plus or even email, you can send them a simple thank you with your blog post link.

Usually people will be grateful for your feedback and honored that you took the time to write about them.

Then they might re purpose your content out to their followers, letting them know that there is a really cool post about them and here is the link if you want to check it out.

It’s a win win situation.

Your influential person gains more authority with an edifying blog post and you can gain free viral traffic from that targeted audience.

Very simple and extremely effective.


So the next time you write a blog post on an influential person that inspires you, send them a simple message and see what happens.

The results might just surprise you as much as it surprised me!


37 thoughts on “Blogging strategy plan that creates free viral traffic to your blog

  1. Hi Alesha, thank you so much for sharing this great tip! I’ll definitely keep that in mind for when I mention an influential person in a blog post! Great blog too. 🙂

  2. Killer post Alesha (As usual…) This is some great advice. I’ve done something similar a couple of months ago with Gary V and I received traffic from it, however my post wasn’t very good – I’m still learning this craft…..

  3. I love twitter and the viral connections that can be made there, but only if you are not all about pitching your own ‘stuff’. So this tip is a really good one Alesha and shows how powerful giving kudos and recognition to others is all part of ‘being a giver first’. Big thumbs up! 🙂

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