Changing Bad Habits In Four Ways than One

There is no question that it is difficult to change a habit, especially one that has been lingering around for as long as we can remember, to the point where it becomes a part of our lives and we accept it subconsciously.

Habits begin to change when our perception begins to change.

This process doesn’t happen over night, we shift our habits to better habits evolving over time, understanding that it is a daily process of transformation over time.

So what exactly is it that drives us to make the decision and take the action necessary to change existing habits?


1. Making a DECISION when we’ve hit rock bottom


2. A strong internal DESIRE that won’t be stopped


3. We are DISGUSTED in ourselves


4. The RESOLVE that it’s now or never


Emotions are an extremely powerful force and drive us to pro activity or reactivity, below I will explain how you can tap into the above emotions, rid yourself of bad habits and fuel your life to take a full 360 degree positive turn around.



Successful people make up their minds quickly and change them slowly. Unsuccessful people make up their minds slowly and change them quickly.

It is human nature to make a powerful decision when we’ve hit rock bottom in our lives and the only way is up.

This is where hitting rock bottom can become a blessing for many as it forces you to decide to make a change.

Many of us are stuck in our cozy little comfort zone which I refer to as the most dangerous place to be.

Your not completely satisfied with your life and have many dreams, however your just comfortable enough that your sense of urgency isn’t really there.

Getting uncomfortable is when the magic happens, it’s where you are challenged and your sense of character develops.



There is an old saying: If your why doesn’t make you cry then your why isn’t big enough.

Get clear with what you want out of life, to the point where you write down your perfect day and you can read it to a small child and they have a crystal clear image of what you are describing through sight, hearing, touch, smell and maybe even taste. How does it feel?

When you are clear on your outcomes, this will drive you every single day to turn your life around.



Disgust is normally associated with a negative emotion, however in this case it is being used in a positive manner.

Once we have hit the point of being busted and disgusted, fed up and had enough, this disgust will fuel our power to drive towards the success that we want.

Proactive feelings surface from disgust at ones self, feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired and not being able to give yourself and your family the life they truly deserve.



Resolve is when you state “I WILL” and when you state I WILL nothing is going to stand in your way.

Your going to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes UNTIL.

It is the definition of never giving up on yourself.

Every single one of us was born successful, as babies we went through the process of sitting up, crawling and eventually walking.

Not once did we ever give up during this process.

We were never content to just sit up or just crawl for the rest of our lives.

We persisted and persisted and persisted no matter how many times we lost our balance and fell over, we got back up and repeated the process UNTIL.

Sadly, many adults have forgotten this beautiful quality that we all posses and choose to live on average instead of on purpose.


So now that you know the 4 emotions that transform bad habits into good habits, I ask you this question:

How long are you willing to work and do whatever it takes for as long as it takes UNTIL?


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35 thoughts on “Changing Bad Habits In Four Ways than One

  1. You can tell a lot by a person’s habit. Habits show your true colors. You can break away from anything to help better your health or wealth at any time.

  2. Phenomenal post Alesha! These 4 powerful emotions are spot on and we completely agree with the importance of getting comfortable being uncomfortable as that’s where the magic happens. Your resolve and desire is what will take you to the next level as long as you take massive determined action. Thoughts—>Feelings—->Beliefs—->Habits—–>Actions—->Results

    Thanks for sharing this empowering and helpful information! πŸ™‚

  3. Great stuff, Alesha. I think making the decision and sticking with it are the two most important factors! Deciding you’ve had enough and resolving to make a change is so huge in creating that change. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Right on DrSteve, yes once we’ve made that decision and we stick with it no matter what it takes is when the magic will eventually happen.

  4. That old comfort zone is a killer. You’re right – whereas it may not be totally comfortable, there is no sense of urgency. And therein lies the lack of inspiration and motivation.

  5. I made my decision, I have continued to pursue a better me and a better life. I know it is coming, I don’t know when but it’s coming. I had to change thinking habits, lifestyle habits and behaviour ones too, still a work in progress! My vision is huge and even a little intimidating, but I will not change it, and will not quit.

  6. Ugh – Breaking a habit can be a dream killer to so many. I have had my moments but through self development i have mastered the art of letting anything kill my dream. I made a decision and I am sticking to it until…….. Great post Alesha – this will help anyone who is caught up in breaking a bad habit get through it.

  7. Hello Alesha, excellent stuff… it. Our habits can really kill or make us….they are the pillar to successes or suffering in our lives. Decision and desire are key to living life to our full potential. Thanks

  8. I love this Alesha because we really can change our habits for the better. Thanks for sharing your valuable insight, tips and advice, you rock girl!

  9. Brilliant Alesha! Yes, disgust is so important. Every single person I have ever worked with (including me) has made real profound change only when they are sufficiently busted and disgusted. Well said. A must read for anyone who really wants to change those destructive habits.

    1. I’m so happy I could be of help to you today Charles, UNTIL is the most powerful word within our industry. Never lose sight of it.

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