Darren Hardy shares 100 years of wisdom in 10 minutes at a Genius Network event


Darren Hardy is the publisher and editor of Success magazine and motivational speaker.

In this 10 minute I Love Marketing podcast from a Genius Network event, Darren shares with you a powerful story about a person who has impacted his life financially and personally.


Darren Hardy shares 100 years of wisdom in 10 minutes a Genius Network event





Darren shares the secret of living an extraordinary life:

1. Wealthy

2. Well respected

3. Very loved

I Love Marketing


Everything you ever needed to know appeared on a piece of paper and one of them was…

Only a few things matter to anything.

Find those few things, stick to them and master them.



We are always looking for what’s new, what’s novel and what’s shiny.


Darren shares the secret Steve Jobs always knew: Focus doesn’t mean saying yes to everything, focus means saying no to 100 other good ideas.

What Warren Buffet said when asked the #1 key to success.



“In any endeavor, in any activity, in anything that you’re pursuing success in, there are only a few things that matter….

Don’t leave the field of the few things that matter to chase the novel, the new and exciting because ultimately you’ll leave success on the table.”

Darren Hardy

I believe the advice given here is absolutely priceless.

So often people will jump from thing to thing to thing and then blame the thing for not working.

The thing in common with this pattern is the person.

The person isn’t working, not the thing.

Many will over complicate things when there are only a few things that need to be focused on.

Don’t be the jack of all trades and the master of none.

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25 thoughts on “Darren Hardy shares 100 years of wisdom in 10 minutes at a Genius Network event

  1. Alesha, I listen to his CD’s when I get his magazines. The CD he did with Joel Olsteen was wonderful. I like your blog very professional I will share with my fb group Young Blogging Millionaires.

  2. Mate, I love the I Love Marketing show and I have been listening to Dean Jackson and Joe Polish for a few years now…I was blown away by this Darren Hardy podcast, I had to listen to it a couple of times. Thanks for sharing again.

  3. When You focus your energy on one and do whatver you gotta do, the universe delivers. I have learned this. Great Quotes & Podcast. thanks Alesha for sharing!

  4. This really resonated deep within me. As a personal leadership trainer with focus on training people via Facebook, I get a lot of suggestions from well meaning people. But I also know 99% of their recommendations are not for me. Sometimes it hurts to turn them down and focus on the very few things I know I should be doing.

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