It is becoming quite a commonly asked question in this day and age, as the effect of throwing a capture page in someone’s face and forcing them to opt in with their email address before they receive their lead magnet is slowly dwindling.


Gone are the days where we can expect high quality targeted audience’s to simply agree to give you their details before you have given them the problem solving content they want.


Of course, capture pages when designed correctly and aligned with the right type of traffic from the right traffic source will convert to a certain level but…..


we could reverse engineer this process and give away our lead magnet first?


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It seems that people’s BS meter’s are extremely high these days, causing many to be dubious to give strangers their information, knowing that they could very well be inundated with emails soon after.


Many marketers will tell you not to “give away the farm” so to speak however I completely disagree.


Yes, in order to run any successful business we must make money and gain profit but their is a much more impactful way of doing this than simply creating a capture page and expecting the masses to give you a piece of them before you’ve given them a thing.


(Drum roll)……Introducing: Content pages.


You may be asking yourself, well what is a content page and how is this going to ‘get’ me opt ins.

First of all, a friendly reminder that opt in’s, known as leads are people.

These are living breathing human beings just like you that are looking to have their problems solved and if you do things right they will have these problems solved by you.

They are not numbers and should be treated with respect.


In knowing this, a content page is a page where you give a ton of value, solving your audience’s problem’s that they can access without having to opt in and give their information.

A content page can easily be created when we own a blogging platform.


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11 Solutions










Your bank account will always be a direct reflection of the value that you have given your market place.


99% of marketers do not implement this mindset into their business, taking the so called easy route and expecting mind blowing opt in rates, conversions and sales without giving true value first.

They are only in it to make a quick buck.

If you are honestly not building your business out of a mission to truly help people, solving their problems with products of value that you believe in and changing people’s lives, you may as well not even get started.


How do you create value?


You educate yourself in whatever niche you are in business with.

Talent we can have naturally, but skill is only mastered by hours and hours and hours of consistently beating on your craft.

Those that are willing to learn and implement what they have learned will create results over time and therefore have content to give their audience which is what I call the Learn, Do, Teach model.

If you are a marketer or business owner that expects customers to come knocking down your door and magically buy your products think again.

You must have the ability to relate to people which can also be done in an incredible way by telling stories.

There is always someone younger and hungrier running down the stairs after you and if you want to step into the arena of selling you better be willing to play the game or you will lose.

This is why personal development mindset training is crucial to your success.

If you are not willing to look for the light even in the darkest of places without stopping, even when it seems impossible, you will not succeed.

It all starts with your WHY.


Think about this….

How would you feel if you clicked on a Facebook ad because you were wanting to learn more about the lead magnet the Facebook ad offered and you were taken straight to a content page instead of a capture page?


You may feel happy, grateful, excited, surprised or even shocked that you were given the information you wanted without you having to give in return.

These feelings will be more extreme if you have actually been in the trenches building your business online for quite some time now.


Tip: When someone buys something there is a big mis conception that the person now feels satisfied.

They actually feel excited which is why up sells are imperative because they are in a buying state.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly of the way that many people choose to advertise their products and services.


This leads me into the mental triggers that I am not going to cover in full detail here however you can learn a ton more about these by visiting The 9 mental triggers explained by internet millionaire Jeff Walker of ‘The Product Launch Formula’


In terms of Facebook advertising this technique can convert remarkably well due to a number of factors:


1. Even though you are not capturing the lead immediately, if you are sending people to a piece of content on your blog or website there will more than likely be multiple places on your page where they can opt in and learn more.


2. You have the ability to re target these visitors to a capture page through Facebook custom audiences.

Re targeting is fast becoming the number one strategy to acquire customers online.

Have you ever visited a certain website or checked out a specific product and all of sudden it seems to follow you everywhere you go online?

This is re targeting at it’s finest.

It is a well known fact that people need to be exposed to something approximately seven times before they buy.

Re targeting is the way of the future and Facebook allows you to do this in the most strategic and simple manner.


3. You can offer them another piece of value for free at the end of your piece of content where they must opt in to receive it.


5. Sharing related article links throughout your content which lead to more of your valuable content.


6. You can even take this a step further and have links through out your content that’s relevant to what you are sharing which leads to a capture page.


7. You could also sell a trip wire product at the end of your content requiring the visitor to opt in before they can purchase it and go through your sales funnel.


Note: These above 7 factors convert very well because the user has warmed up to you and have received so much value, they will want to learn more as the mental triggers have kicked in and they wont think twice about giving you their email address now or even buying a low ticket item from you.


8. And finally, always keep in mind that when Facebook users are seeing your ad’s they can choose to flag your ad simply by marking them as:


  • I don’t want to see this
  • Hide all ads from don’t let this be you!


Facebook Advertising User Options 1








You can also see from the image above that Facebook give’s user’s the option to save, ask why they are seeing this ad and mark it as useful.


Facebook will then ask the user why they don’t want to see the ad or why they want to hide it:


  • It’s not relevant to me
  • I keep seeing this
  • It’s offensive or inappropriate
  • It’s spam
  • Something else


Facebook advertising user options 2








Every time a user marks off these options it raises a red flag to Facebook and if you get enough of these Facebook could very well shut your ad’s account down completely and possibly not ever give it back to you.


You can’t control what people do but when you use the content page technique I just shared with you, can you now see that people would be less likely to mark off these options on your ad’s?


If you send people straight to a capture page they could very likely be annoyed or even offended that they had to give you their information first and interpret that as spam no matter how good your offer might be.


Obviously sending visitors from Facebook straight to your capture page will get you more leads due to the strong call to action however you have a much higher risk of your ads being flagged.

People often focus too much on their opt in rate.

What’s more important is the conversion rate.

Nothing happens until something is sold.

Email follow up marketing can help tremendously with this, provided you’re not slamming your list to buy all the time.

Always be giving value and you will attract people to you.

We want to pull business towards us not push.

Simply allowing people to make a buying decision based on the biggest buying emotion:

Positive expectancy.


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How high is this risk?

It really depends on the audience you are choosing to target within Facebook.

If your audience is very specific you greatly decrease your risk.

A retargeting audience will be the safest option when using a capture page because you have given them the content first and given them the capture page second.

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All of the above reasons illustrate to me personally that ultimately content page’s win over capture page’s any day of the week with Facebook advertising.

The benefits of content pages far outweigh capture pages in this respect and if you are planning to build a successful business for the long haul with quality customers that will continue to do business with you it’s content all the way.

Facebook beholds a plethora of targeting options to feast on, allowing you attract the right person at the right time with the right message, ultimately getting you the results that you want over time.

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Note: You are aiming for your Facebook ad’s to be native to your target market user.


Facebook’s priority is giving their users as much relevant content as humanly possible so that the user has the most enjoyable experience and continues to come back for more.


Facebook is keeping a very close eye on this and if want to learn more straight from the horse’s mouth, you can check out some of the most recent updates from the 2015 F8 Facebook Developer Conference in San Francisco.

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Congratulations, now that you have discovered the difference between capture pages and content pages for Facebook advertising, what convert’s better and why….

you are now equipped to implement this knowledge into your business becoming a part of the 1%.

Influentially positioning yourself head and shoulder’s above your competition, simply out cooling them.

You are seen as an authority in your niche (provided your content is good and solves your audiences’ problem).

Instantly building rapport, trust, likeability, authority and reciprocity with your viewers.

When you master this, people will continue to buy from you over and over again.

You will have graduated from a generalist to a specialist to an authority.

And who knows maybe even then graduating to a celebrity and ultimately a celebrity authority.

Your bank account increases the further up the chain you rise due to the value you give to the world.

Help enough people get what they want and you’ll ultimately get what you want.


7 Things


What are your thoughts on capture pages versus content pages when it comes to Facebook advertising?

36 thoughts on “Facebook Ads: Capture Pages Versus Content Pages – Which Convert’s Better and Why?

    1. Thanks Chris, I appreciate it! Always happy to share the value and serve others.

    1. Yes you must Sandy, take action and start sharing your own personalized content pages.

  1. As always another GREAT post. I think you and I are reading the same people’s stuff. I hear my thoughts coming out of your mouth in these posts. Just got done watching a vid about Positive Expectancy. Sooo weird. Great work.

    1. Great minds think a like Adam! It is always my aim to create my value posts in conversation style.
      It’s fascinating how what we educate ourselves with tends to flow together quite well.

  2. Thanks Alesha for sharing the differences between the two! This is definitely great valuable content you got here after reading through this post!!!

    1. Thank you Danny, great to hear you received great value from what I shared.

  3. Thanks for this comprehensive write up on Facebook ads. I will be coming back to check on this again to get make sure I have it all down.

    1. Great to hear Gerry, it is definitely information you want to bookmark and refer back to when creating your Facebook campaigns.

  4. Alesha great blog. I have been doing lots of research on these pages and your blog answered a lot of questions.

    1. This is fantastic Charles, I’m pleased that I could be of service and answer many questions you had.

  5. Thanks again Alesha, as always you deliver great information and relevant information so that when they do opt in, they are opting in for the best reason why, because they really want the product or information, not because they had to opt in, in order to get the information.

  6. Dang Alesha…you knocked it out the park with this one. Definitely have me re-thinking how to market on Facebook.

    1. Yes Adrian, this information really does make you re think your Facebook marketing indeed.
      It’s always great to be open to different perspectives.

  7. I was wondering where you were going with this title. Makes perfect sense. I had not really thought about our blog as content marketing, but of course that is EXACTLY what it is. Thanks I will think of my own blog in a different light now.

    1. Fabulous Stephanie and it’s interesting what you say when it comes to not realizing that your blog is a content page. I believe many people don’t realize this even though they are already giving and sharing value.
      I’m happy you have had a break through with this!

  8. Great post Mate, and I love the detail you have put into this. And its true, if you want quality leads….content always wins. I personally love using blog posts as my landing pages to my capture pages as they give you the ability to build rapport with your prospects and with good content you can use the law of retroprosity in your marketing. Thanks for sharing some solid value.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Garry. Building massive reciprocity and rapport through our valuable content will attract quality all day long.
      Quality over quantity!

  9. Alesha you are right! Visitors want more from us and we can give it all through content pages. Great way to boost a post on your fan page. Send them to a blog post full of value.

    1. Very true Ginny, Facebook Fan Page boosted post to a value driven blog post.

    1. Content is definitely king when we frame it in front of our quality target audience at the right time with the right message.

  10. Good to know! I believe content page gives more credibility for the user, this post was very helpful thanks for sharing Alesha.

  11. Amazing! Thanks for this comprehensive write up on Facebook ads. I will be coming back to check on this again to get make sure I have it all down.

    1. Great to hear Mike, this is one you should bookmark and refer back to for your Facebook marketing campaign creation.

  12. This is really great information Alesha and I love how you break it down between content pages and capture pages. I just started experimenting with content pages and I’m also doing some ‘content’ videos (or at least that is what I’m call it!). I’m not sure who said it, but I know I have heard it from top producers and income earners, that if everyone is doing the same thing, do something different! Thanks for sharing this valuable information!

    1. Awesome Lynn, I completely agree with you. When everyone is doing the same thing, do something different! The content video’s is a fabulous idea as we must always look for new and innovative ways to educate and give value to our target audience. I appreciate you stopping by Lynn and glad you got some value from what I shared.

  13. Great article! Just go introduced to you by my friend Alex Bender and you have great content 🙂

    1. Thank you Alex! I appreciate you stopping by and glad you gained value! Alex is awesome!

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