Fear is a Roller Coaster that you Need to Ride

One of the biggest reasons that people don’t go after their dreams is due to fear.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of change.

Fear of stepping out of their comfort zone.

Fear of doing something different.

Sometimes, even fear of success.


Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.


Our minds are so powerful, so much so that we can talk ourselves into something and we can talk ourselves out of something.

We always have a choice, choosing to find a thousand reasons why we shouldn’t do something or choosing to listen to a thousand good reasons why we should do something.

Either way, our minds will find reasons as to support our choice.


Myself and my partner John Paul ventured out to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom yesterday for my 35th Birthday Aussie celebration.

Living in the States, it’s always fun being able to celebrate my Aussie Birthday and my US Birthday.


Boomerang Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2015



If you’re not familiar with Six Flags it is renowned for it’s wild roller coaster rides.

John Paul and I have always been dare devils, living on the edge, so spending my birthday at this park was absolutely perfect!

Not only roller coasters but also plenty of beautiful animals to see and come up close and personal with.


Medusa Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2015

















We had an absolute ball riding a huge selection of unbelievably fun roller coasters.

Twisting, turning, speeding upside down and inside out!

Of course, I was a little scared before I stepped onto each ride, maybe even a little nervous and anxious.

This did not stop me because I knew how much fun I was going to have during the ride and the massive adrenaline that was going to rush through my body as an end result.

I let my excitement take over.


Roar Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2015


















John Paul and I were fascinated watching people’s faces before they stepped onto the rides and then afterwards when they were done.

Expressions of concern and worry resulting in expressions of excitement and happiness.

You see, when you think about the end result and how something is going to make you feel, focusing on that is going to allow you to face your fear and do it anyway.


This experience reminds me of life in general.

Fear is a roller coaster that you need to ride.


It is going to be filled with twists, turns, upside down’s and inside outs.

When we stay the course, getting out of our own way, we will get to the end result that we are craving for.


Roar 2 Six Flags Discovery Kindgom 2015

















I have always been a person that has focused on how I was going to feel after I took action and did something I wanted to do.

Because of this I have been venturing on wild rides from a very early age and even Bungy jumping from the tallest tower in the world to Bungy from.


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If I had let the fear, nervousness and anxiety control me, I would have never experienced such fun and exhilarating feelings of achieving something.

When it comes to wanting something, if you draw your attention constantly on how you feel, you will never get it because you will never feel like it.


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2015 Cougar

















Every action we take in life is going to give you some kind of emotion.

In life, we crave good feelings and experiencing these good feelings with those we love.

If we don’t take control of our fear and have the guts to put ourselves on the line, we will never get the result that we want.


As I write this, I am reeling from such a phenomenal experience of fun with my loved one yesterday, that I can’t wipe the smile off of my face.

Look at our pictures here on the rides, how ALIVE to we look?

Go after what you want in life and experience what you want to experience.


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2015 Alligator


Open your heart to the feelings of curiosity, exploration, adventure, excitement and fun.

Shut down that little voice in your head that is the voice of reason.

Let your imagination run wild and be unreasonable.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 2015 Superman

“SUPERMAN” (Our favorite)

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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”

Franklin D Roosevelt

40 thoughts on “Fear is a Roller Coaster that you Need to Ride

  1. Wow, you look like you had a blast. Great advice on overcoming fear. There is so much in life that fear can keep us from if we let it, thank you for the great reminder!

  2. Great analogy here Alesha. I fricken love living on the edge. I have a lot of wild adventures I will do in my lifetime. Forget FEAR we must do. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Alesha, that Superman ride literally makes me petrified just looking at it – lol!! I love the analogy of a roller coaster and fear. The more you focus on the goal the easier it is to do. The clearer the goal is – the easier the process is as well! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Alesha! Looks like you had a blast on your birthday! Oh yeah…Happy Birthday my friend! So glad we crossed paths! Looking forward to growing with you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Alesha! I love this because it’s so true. I can attest to this as well โ€”riding the biggest and fastest rollercoaster on the east coast…I did it, no whining or complaining…and it was awesome. I felt like a warrior. It’s a great metaphor for entrepreneurs. I do have a question though irrelevant to the post, could you contact me on FB about how you got your FB page on your side widget, as well as FB commenting for your blog comments? IVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND OUT HOW FOREVER!!!

    1. Hi Shayne, we are fellow wild roller coaster riders! This is badass!
      I will definitely connect with you on Facebook.

  6. Alesha, first of all Happy Aussie Day and then I love the analogy of the roller coaster and fear, as I have a fear of heights, but that hasn’t stopped me from riding roller coasters, I love them Thanks for sharing this post.

  7. Awesome Alesha! I’ve been to Six Flags and it is so much fun! I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday. And happy belated birthday! I love the title of this blog post by the way!

  8. Ok, so I am officially feeling queasy! You two are such badasses!!!! You have used a great analogy to drive home your point about fear but I still will not get on one of those rides! Now Sam….that is a different story – he loves them!

  9. Alesha you got me beat…I don’t know if I would have gotten on all those roller coasters lol. Looks like you had a ball though!

  10. Loved this post Alesha. You guys were having so much fun. I was jelous. I love to ride roller coasters. Sorry I wasn’t there to share your experience…

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