Grant Cardone’s “Whatever It Takes” Premier – The Ultimate Job Interview


No whining.

No bitching.

No excuses!


Grant Cardone’s Whatever it takes – the ultimate job interview premiered today Friday the 13th 2015.

Watch as Grant Cardone shows you his hiring process, eliminating contestants as time goes on.

These contestants are job seekers, recent grads to seasoned pros, trying to prove that they have whatever it takes!

Who will crack under pressure and who will ultimately be chosen? Exclusive for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY

Whatever it takes Grant Cardone


Quoted directly from Grant Cardones Whatever it takes network:

“Each episode chronicles one intense day of challenges, broken down into easy-to-watch chapters, as Grant and his team work out each person’s strengths and weaknesses.

True character and honest intent come out when pushed to the edge.

Who will be the winner?

Who will be eliminated first?

Watch now to find out!

Grant Cardone, New York Times best-selling author, multi-millionaire, and international business and sales expert, introduces his brand new reality show: “Whatever It Takes”.


The WIT team:

Grant Cardone, CEO
Elena Cardone, Grant’s wife
Sheri Hamilton, “The Cleaner”, Chief Operating Officer
Jarrod Glandt, Vice President of Sales


Sheri, “The Cleaner”, is the one committed to making the company run smoothly and with intensity.

Elena, Grant’s wife, believes that everyone can succeed, but stands behind Grant and his decisions—the contestants also have to win her over to stand a chance.

Jarrod, Grant’s right-hand-man, keeps a second set of eyes on all of the contestants.


Whatever it takes contestants


The Contestants:


Don “Mr. Enthusiasm” Mast
Eddie “Steady Eddie” Bordens
Elizaveta Serenkov
Geeza “The Hungarian” Varga
Janet “The Teacher” Cepero
Jonathon “Maple Syrup” Fishman
Luis “Big Boy” Ramirez
Natasha “The Hottie” Brooks



Grant wants people who are intelligent, problem solving, skilled and committed to doing Whatever It Takes to get the job done.

The only way to find out is to put people through a series of challenges to find their breaking point.

The most anticipated web series starts now on Whatever It Takes Network!”



Here’s my take on Whatever it takes:

I personally follow Grant Cardone, as I believe he is a pure example of success and the no excuses mentality.

After watching the first episode in this reality show series today, I now see the mechanics behind Grant and his team and the way they conduct business.

The curtain is pulled back, unveiling the hiring and firing decision process.

It’s fast paced, efficient with no time for whining, bitching or excuses.

You see first hand what Grant and his team are looking for when it comes to hiring their newest employee.

With each contestant very different from the next, different strengths and weaknesses, it’s interesting to observe who ultimately has whatever it takes.

My philosophy in life is to do whatever it takes, walking the talk with honesty and the up most integrity.

Grant Cardone and the whatever it takes series is just that.



Grants Cardone’s Whatever it takes The ultimate job interview episode 2, dropped on Friday February 2oth 2015.


Whatever it takes Network


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Whatever It Takes Network provides currently provides 30 exclusive shows each week. The new digital business network currently has over 300 hours of content viewed daily.  One show offers GrantCardone interviewing Super #entrepreneurs  on how they started and grew their business.

Check out the amazing list of super successful entrepreneurs and subscribe so you have access to the ideas, strategies and thinking of those that have made it. “ Grant Cardone

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  1. Hey Alesha! WOW…this looks cool! Love how you have the video start playing right away. I’ll have to use that in the future! First time I have heard of this!

  2. Hi Alesha, awesome stuff….never heard of it but, it sounds like very powerful show to what and learn from. Yes, wining in anything in life require that we must be willing to go all in and do whatever it takes to go through over anything that stand in our way. Thanks…happy valentine

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