Happy 10th Birthday YouTube

Have you ever thought about how long YouTube has been around?

I know I have and recently I just discovered that YouTube just celebrated it’s 10th Birthday.

YouTube began February 14th 2005.

To most, Valentines day is what symbols this day but to others it symbols YouTube’s creation.

YouTube’s first video was uploaded April 23rd 2005,  a 20 second video of a guy (one of the YouTube founders) standing at a zoo chatting about Elephant trunks:



On this day 10 years ago Chad Hurley registered the YouTube domain.

Along with fellow PayPal colleagues Jawed Karim and Steven Chen, YouTube was created after the founders had became extremely frustrated with not being able to find footage of recent news events.

It wasn’t long until a public beta test began with rapid growth.

There were 3 million visitors by the first month after launch, with 38 million visitors by the end of it’s first year.

Later in 2005, YouTube received investment from Sequoia Capital

Only one year later the one and only Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 Billion.

With 300 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, the future is very bright indeed!


One Productions, a video production company based in Dublin, Ireland created the infograph below, celebrating 10 years of YouTube and pointing out that this Giant is still in it’s infancy….

If you’re a marketer and you use YouTube, I would pay extra special attention to the mind blowing information below….




59 thoughts on “Happy 10th Birthday YouTube

  1. These are some excellent stats. Who knew that 80% of viewers are outside US and most of those are from Saudi Arabia? Most disliked video – Rebecca Black was removed but the video that started riots/protests was kept? Um something went awry.

  2. Only 10 years? I don’t remember a time without Youtube (and facebook) and I am old enough to remember…wait…I am old enough to forget….LOL great post today.

  3. I agree with Sara, I never would have guessed that 80% of people watching Youtube was out of the u.s. Thank you for the great stats and information.

  4. What an excellent post Alesha! I did not know all of this information let alone the first video was elephants. That is hilarious! Thank you for sharing all of this. And Happy 10th birthday YouTube. 🙂

  5. Wow…had no idea….but now that I think abou it, YouTube hasn’t “always” been around although I could NOT imagine life without it now. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I remember when youtube first started it was just some site I would go to, to look up music videos back when I was in high school. To see where it has come today, and how it can help anyone create a internet lifestyle is just Awesome. Excellent post Alesha as always!

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