How to challenge yourself in 5 rewarding ways

It is a well known fact that when the new year rolls around New Years Resolutions are made and majority of them fizzle within a few weeks.

An estimated 40% of Americans make New Years Resolutions each year.

Are you one of them?

If so, are you on track with your self proclaimed habit change?

Or have you fallen into the statistic that after one month only 64% are hanging on for dear life to their resolution?

Often people’s goal are massive and sometimes unattainable in the first place.

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Below are 5 healthy tips that when followed will turn your good intentions into successful lifestyle changes:



writing a plan













When you proclaim your new goal you need to write it down.

Not only write it down, a plan of how this goal is going to be achieved needs to come along with it.

Don’t be an ideologist that has amazing ideas but never puts them into action.

This is where your carefully thought out plan comes into effect.

If you have a plan, you can see the steps on how you are going to get there.

Whatever your goal is, specify it exactly and how long it will take for you to achieve this.

Write down what habits you can realistically change to achieve your goal.

A habit is generally instilled within 21 days.

By this time you wont need to think about what it is you have to do each day, it will of become a part of your everyday lifestyle.

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one thing at a time



The chances are, your behavior you’re changing did not happen overnight.

You may need to plan steps to progress changing your behavior, to your ultimate goal over time.

Replacing all of these behaviors will take time and much patience.

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Don’t keep your plan a secret.

Involve your family and friends with your common goals.

Sharing your experiences along your journey will develop camaraderie and encouragement when you are facing obstacles.

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commit to a challenge










Whether it’s a 30 day workout challenge, a 21 day blogging challenge, half marathon or competition, this will allow you to put skin in the game.

I doing this you will be motivated to keep reinforcing your new habit or behavior you set out to change.

Your goals provide a target to aim for and give you a training direction and purpose.


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Rewarding yourself as you achieve your goals, celebrating the small wins will also help motivate you to keep your eye on the prize.

It’s also great to give praise to others as they achieve their goals, creating a healthy reciprocity balance and support.


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46 thoughts on “How to challenge yourself in 5 rewarding ways

  1. Thank for all this nice information on I can challenge myself better, what I like more is the the first on defining you over all goal, and the other is about committing to challenge or competion you set yourself for! all this a must if one want to live his/her ideal life.

    Thank you.

  2. Great article on how to challenge yourself Alesha. I love your section about rewards and praise. It is very important to give yourself a positive gift for your efforts.

  3. I agree, the first step is becoming aware of what is lacking and then getting uncomfortable as your taking action. 😀

  4. Excellent post Alesha. I love the idea of making changes in small step. I feel that one of the reason people give up on the goals because they get overwhelmed by the size of it.

  5. great post. Seeking support is the biggest thing I had to get over. Once I started doing that everything begins to change. Thank you for posting this.

  6. Great post Alesha, these are important steps, I am a fan of celebrating your victories and to take upon a challenge. It really helps to focus and keep motivation when you have a real challenge on your hands.

  7. Thanks Alesha for sharing. Vey useful tips. Challenging myself so hard for the first time in my life. And I love it. I had hard time involving my family at first, but now they support me 100%. It’s because they have seen how serious I’ve become with building my business 🙂

    All the best,

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