In the above video I share with you how to create an affiliate coded page in WordPress.


The example above demonstrates the affiliate coded page through our weekly Rogue Hang Out.

The WordPress plugin installation is through a WordPress plugin called Cookie Monster.


You need to have your own WordPress site to use this and also your own software where you create your actual affiliate coded page.

I use an amazing software program called Optimize Press and you can learn more about that software program by clicking HERE.


Our weekly Rogue Hang Out provides valuable training and personal development for Entrepreneurs applicable to any business.

You’re invited to check it out each week at our new time for 2015 on Sundays at 5:30pm PST.

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  1. Hey Alesha,

    This was great information for WordPress users to easily add their own affiliate code page to their site. This is going to help a lot of individuals using WordPress for their business blog.

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