How to develop a killer content marketing strategy

I was driving home this afternoon and I glanced at the Subway restaurant that had an advertisement for a new chicken sub.

This advertisement reminded me of a killer content marketing strategy that I have used to create massive results in my business.

This content marketing strategy is known as re purposing your content.

Subway restaurant’s have mastered the art of re purposing their subs, by using the exact same ingredients of an existing sub on their menu and re purposing it with another sub, with a different sauce and maybe an extra ingredient from the salad bar.

They give this re purposed sub a brand new name, making it look like a new sub when really it was in the restaurant the whole time.

How does this relate to content marketing online you may ask?

Think of a piece of valuable content that you have created.

How many different ways can you think of to re purpose that content?

Below is an example of a re purposing sequence:

Blog Post


Free PDF Report


Lead Magnet






Each of these pieces of content are essentially the same content, just re wrapped in a different package.

Your aim is to re purpose your content as many ways as humanly possible.

Why is this so important?

From my perspective, people take in information in different ways.

Some people learn linguistically, some auditory and some visually.

You want to cater for all of these different learning process’s to educate and give value to your viewer.

It also quashes the objection of believing that you don’t have enough content.

If you can create one piece of high value content that solves your target market’s problem and you can re purpose it 10 different ways, all of a sudden you have 10 new pieces of content tied with different bows.

Here are a few other re purposing content ideas:

  • Audio
  • Software
  • Sample
  • Teleseminar
  • Mindmap
  • Cheatsheet

Getting creative with your ideas and developing something ‘different’ will position yourself above your competition, as you are presenting your content in a new form, with the viewer taking on a whole new perception.

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The reality is that we all perceive things differently determined by influences around us, most of the time we aren’t even aware of it and think it’s the only way things can be.

When we can influence someone to shift their focus and show something in a different light, suddenly everything can change.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Alesha! I haven’t thought of some of these re purposing ideas. I’m going to have to try them out 🙂

  2. Great tips Alesha! Make sure you are especially sharing on Facebook and Twitter, that is where you can gain the most followers…hint, hing.

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