How to stop feeling overwhelmed when starting something new




In this short video I wanted to share with you some ideas and ways that you can stop being overwhelmed when you first start something.

This is specifically going out to a certain team member today and he knows who he is.

It’s also going out to every single person out there that starts something brand new that feels overwhelmed.

Now the first thing I need you to realize is that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed and everybody feels it when they start something new.

You are not alone.

It’s what you do with that feeling that is the key to your success.

This goes for anything you may be doing.

Not just in our online entrepreneurial community that we have here.

This goes for absolutely anything you’re doing in life that’s brand new.

I want you to think back to a time where you decided to start something brand new in the past.

How did that feel?

How did it feel as you were going through the process to achieving the success of what you obtained on the other end.

If you look back to where you started and where you finished or even where you’re at right now, how do you feel about that now?

What’s the difference in how you feel compared to where you started?

Everything is hard the first time we do something.

I want you to realize that, everything is difficult the first time we do something.

That’s what brings on the feeling of overwhelm because there’s so much to learn.

If we gave you every single book, every single audio, every single video tutorial and told you that you needed to go through all of that information before you even got started, no one would ever get started doing anything because they would feel way too overwhelmed.

This is why you need to take it step by step, it’s a step by step process to your success in life.

It’s what you do on a daily basis and a consistent daily basis, I always talk about this.


Consistency is the key.


Consistent daily action will lead you to your result over a period of time.

It has to be consistent.

You can’t work on something every now and again.

If you want success in anything that you’re doing, you need to be doing that thing on a consistent basis.

It may not be daily, it depends what it is.

So let’s just say I started a brand new sporting activity.

The training sessions for that may only be once a week or twice a week.

I need to consistently go to those trainings every single week in order to be successful.

If I start missing those training sessions, or I show up late or I don’t turn up I’m not going to get the success that I want.

Consistent daily action.

This consistency over time will alleviate the overwhelming feeling that you have.

I cannot ever guarantee you results in anything that you’re doing but I can promise you that over time that overwhelming feeling will disappear.

You will start to get fascinated and excited and pumped up about what it is that your actually learning.

You have to be a person that wants to learn.

You need to learn how to learn in whatever it is that you’re doing to get you to the result that you want.


Let’s take me for example:

I’m a professional dancer and I can look back on the countless times over the course of my 31 year career, since I started dancing since I was 3 years old, I can think of a zillion times where we’ve gone to structure a show and we’ve been told there are a certain amount of routines that we will be doing in that show.

It can be anywhere from 10-12 routines, maybe a little bit more, maybe a little bit less.

When you get told that and look at the outline of the show and you see how much choreography is set in place, all of the things that go with it, all of the moving parts, everything you need to learn, you always feel a little bit overwhelmed.

Then when I start diving into the choreography, we start our lessons to learn the routines, before I know it we are already halfway through this process and the shows almost ready to go.

That feeling of overwhelm disappeared over time.

I want you to understand that in anything that you’re doing.

It is ok to feel overwhelmed, but to alleviate that you need to take daily action towards the result that you want.

Your WHY is going to kick that into high gear.

If your why does not make you cry your why is not big enough!

Get to the core desire of why it is you’re doing what you’re doing.

That is going to drive you through the overwhelm towards your success with consistent daily action.

With that being said, I truly hope that I have helped every single one of you out there that’s watching this video.


Remember you’re not alone.

You deserve greatness in your life.

I believe in you.


You can do anything in this world that you truly desire as long as you want it as long as you’re ready to work for it and you’re ready to fight through the battles that lay ahead.

Because I’m telling you, it is definitely worth it on the other side for you.


30 thoughts on “How to stop feeling overwhelmed when starting something new

  1. Great post Alesha. And boy can I relate to this story. I have been a hairstylist for 40 years and when I first started this journey a year ago I never would have thought that I would be where I am today. I certainly was overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing this post…

  2. Hi Alesha, Great post….yes, being overwhelmed is part of the process of growing up and moving forward. As you mentioned, consistency and action are key to alleviating the overwhelm feeling. Thanks

  3. What a great video – and you are sp right – it is what you do with our feelings that determines where we go in out future. So many people stop just before they breakthrough. Well done!

    1. Thanks Clarissa, short lists are great, especially when we get to check off what’s been done.
      It leaves you feeling very accomplished!

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