After years of banging my head against the wall, thinking of an email subject line that will grab my subscribers attention enough to make them open it, I have put together 9 tips that will help you alleviate this challenge and finally leave that wall alone for good.

Before we dive into it, let’s be clear on a few things:

In order for your great copy writing inside your email to get the desired result your after, your emails must be opened first.

For this reason, email subject lines are the most important aspect of your email marketing.

On average approximately 64% of people will say that they open emails purely based on the email subject line.

In a world drowning in information, it is a pure fight to capture someone’s attention, let alone click on your content, absorb it and then take action.

These 9 tips will help you in the fight by grabbing your audiences attention.


TIP #1


I’m not talking about odd and even numbers, I’m talking about odd numbers.

Instead of a subject line that states “How I made $1650 in a day” go with something unusual “How I made $1648 in a day”.

The closer the number to the front of the email subject line the better.


TIP #2


An email subject line with a question mark will usually get a higher open rate than an email subject line without this powerful punctuation mark.

The reason for this is you are asking a question, engaging your subscriber and inviting them to share their answer with you.


“Have you checked out this video?”

Make sure your question is congruent with your email copy.


TIP #3


Using percentages in your email subject line evokes curiosity in your subscriber, people love percentages.


“66% of people are doing this”

People want to know what your talking about as you are stating facts and statistics.


TIP #4


Using (VIDEO) or any other type of media, works as a pattern interrupt and causes the subscriber to come to attention as they scroll down their emails in their inbox.

The subscriber is more likely to now open the email.


TIP #5


If your giving something away for free inside your email, let your subscribers know that you are offering something of value to them, (for free) which will entice them to open the email.


“(FREE REPORT) How to take the headache out of Email Subject Lines with these 9 Tips ”


TIP #6


Using the words YOU or YOU’RE creates a personal engaging response from your subscribers, as they believe your talking directly to them.


“The reason why YOU have to check this out is inside.”


TIP #7


These kind of subject lines can get great open rates purely because your subscriber can’t fight with their curiosity any longer.

Make sure your subject line is congruent with your email copy.


“OMG This video!”

“This is SHOCKING”

“Photo inside – Do not bend”


TIP #8


Fill in the blanks subject lines, these seem to have a high open rate no matter the offer.


“How to……….”

“The top 10…..”

“The 9 secrets to…..”

Give people value, HOW TO emails are fantastic as people always want to know how to do something – give your subscribers VALUE!


TIP #9


An exclusive invitation to your subscriber to become a part of something special.


“Your Exclusive Rogue Hang Out invite is inside”


I want to stress the fact that I stand strongly for honest email marketing techniques, purely engaging with my subscribers, giving them value and ultimately presenting the solution to their problems.

Writing an email subject line that has nothing to do with the content of the email and all your doing is pitching your products and services  – is not a good marketing technique and is typically called SPAM.

Your subscribers will soon realize that your subject lines don’t match your content, it’s full of pitching instead of actual value, never opening an email from you again and most likely unsubscribing with a complaint attached to it.

People will say “The money is in the list”

This is simply not the case.

“The money is in the value and the relationship that you build with your list of subscribers”

Over time, your subscribers will begin to know, like and trust you and you will build authority.

Remember: Your subscribers are real human beings like you and I, so they need to be treated with the same respect you would give to your family and friends.


Here is the test, when you complete your email subject lines ask yourself these three questions VERY honestly…

#1 Did your subject line look visually different and stand out from the hundreds of other emails in their inbox?

#2 Did your subject line seem too precious to delete without bothering to open it’s contents?

#3 Did your subject line get your subscriber to open your email with the right mindset and expectation of your desired result?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions you know you will most likely have a compellingly high email open rate and consequently click through rate and ultimately conversion rate.


Share your best email subject lines below so we can all share our knowledge and grow our email marketing success:

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  1. These are some really valuable tips Alesha! My favorite ones are the Question Mark and the just plain weird one, those usually helped me in the past, time to use them more often! Keep CRUSHING It in your business!

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