I wanted to share a few ideas and thoughts on the topic of success and failure.

Your success and your failure is completely caused and created by YOU.

And once you understand that and you take responsibility of that, you become empowered.


As human beings it’s so easy for us to blame people, when something doesn’t go right in our lives, when we don’t get the result that we want.

I’m here to tell you that when you point your finger at someone else you’ve got three fingers pointing back at you.

There is nobody else responsible for your results and your life except YOU.


It’s not your business

It’s not your family

It’s not your friends

It’s not your product

It’s not your sponsor

It’s not your up line

It’s not your down line

It’s not your neighbor

It’s not even your computer

It’s YOU!


If you have to question whether something works, you’ve already told yourself in your mind that you’re not going to make it work.

If you’re just going to ‘try’ something, try is a presupposition of failure.

You’ve already told yourself you can’t do it.













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If you’re somebody that jumps from thing to thing to thing to thing….the only thing in common with that is YOU.

You need to drop your ego, it’s something called humility, Ego is Edging Guidance Out.

When you drop your ego and realize that you don’t know everything, because the most dangerous words in the English language are “Are already know that” the universe will conspire, together with your hard work and the action you take every day to bring you the results that you want over time.


Now your mind works in very powerful ways and if you think about it this way, if you’re in a bad mood, if you’re really angry and you walk around, you’re going to come across so many things around you that annoy you because you’re in a bad mood.

But when you’re in a really good mood, when you’re really happy, isn’t it funny how all you see is the happiness around you in life.

It just proves to you the power of the mind.

We can create anything that we desire if we tell ourselves in our mind that we’re going to create it.

The universe actually conspires to give you that result.

Only if you work for it and take action, it’s not going to magically appear.

Don’t ask me how this work’s but it does.

The universe will conspire to bring that to you if you believe in it and you actually tell yourself that you’re going to achieve that result in your life.

So take these thoughts and ideas today and implement them into you life.

Think about how you can shift your mindset

Think about how you can stop blaming people for certain situations in your life.

Realize that it’s YOU that creates your future, nobody else.

You are where you are because of your best thinking

Everything around you in your life right now, is what you’ve said yes to.

And if you don’t like it here’s the best part, you can actually change that.

As human beings we all have the one power no matter what our situation no matter where we are.


That power is CHOICE.


We get to choose what we focus on, what things mean and what we are going to do next, what action are we going to take.

So right now make a decision to choose to take responsibility for your life and your results, take action every single day towards that result, believe it in your mind and in your heart that it’s going to happen and the universe will conspire to support you in getting there.

Go out there, make it happen because I believe in you even if you don’t believe in yourself.



38 thoughts on “Ideas and thoughts on success and failure

  1. Well said Alesha. Oh yes, there are days when I feel like stamping my foot and pointing a finger saying it’s his fault, but I know it’s up to me.

  2. Absolutely, Alesha! YOU are directly responsible for your results… no one else. People need to take responsibility for their own results, because it stems from their own actions and their own thoughts and beliefs. Awesome share, Alesha, thanks!

  3. Very enlightening post. You are so right we are responsible for our own successes and failure. And we have the power within us to choose to succeed as long as we can put aside our egos and just believe in ourselves and how truly awesome we really are.

    1. Thanks Janet, I love to get my message across through video and text as some people are visual others audio and some linguistic learners.

  4. One phrase that hit home was from a success course I did “I am the absolute supreme authority over my life. I always will be, and always have been at cause of how I experience my own life.” That’s some powerful shit right there!

  5. Thanks Janet, I love to get my message across through video and text as some people are visual others audio and some linguistic learners.

  6. It took me 36 years to learn that I am responsible for my own happiness; And also that it’s much more empowering than looking outside myself for power; I agree that power is a choice, if we chose to embrace it; You’re speaking the truth! Powerful post Alesha!

  7. The choice is ours to make and appreciate you sharing your advice Alesha. When people can make a decision, the result will determine how that person will take success and failure as they are both learning segments in our journey to reach our goals and dreams.

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