The answer is Absolutely NOT!

There is a misconception that social media trumps email marketing every day of the week , this is simply not the case and here’s why:

Email marketing is an essential part of building a business online.

Building your list – collecting emails, is a business model that massive organizations like Groupon have built empire’s with.

So why else build it?

As you’ll see on the Get Response infograph below, there are 3 times more email user accounts than Facebook and Twitter combined.


1. Email marketing is:

  • More SERIOUS


2. So when your first getting started remember these tips:

The people on your email list need to be treated as though they are your best friends.

A common term for subscribers on an email list is ‘leads’.

Remember that your ‘leads’ are people, not numbers and you need to bring them constant value and solutions to their problems in order to establish a rapport and relationship with them, ultimately doing business with them.

  • Don’t buy email lists
  • Start with current clients, business partners & supporters
  • Leverage membership lists


3. Expanding your email list is actually a lot simpler then you may think.

It doesn’t take a lot of money to do it, if your willing to be creative with your ideas

See the Get Response Info Graph below:


4. Keeping your email list going over a long period of time requires TLC.

  • Provide Good content
  • Clean your list
  • Keep your list private
  • Make opt out easy


Email Marketing is essential in any business model in this day and age.

Follow the tips above and you’ll be building a professional list of subscribers who engage with you, appreciate the value you provide them and reciprocate by doing business with you.


Remember: The money is not in the list, the money is in the value and the relationship you build with your list.

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10 thoughts on “Is Email Marketing DEAD?

  1. this is an important article for online marketers to understand. Because the sale never happens on the first click. Building a list so that you can send people emails to maintain a relationship of trust is practical. I appreciate you sharing this and I also agree that get response is a nice tool for this purpose. Have a great day!

  2. I agree, email marketing is not dead, and if we just take the time to share valuable information with our list we can actually build a solid customer base. Thanks for sharing these tips Alesha Drew and the infographic too!

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