A lead magnet is a piece of value that you offer in exchange for a prospects information, usually in the form of their name and email address via a capture page.

Majority of marketers lead magnet’s are empty in terms of the value they deliver.


Typically there are three conversion selling methods that marketers will implement:


1. Amateur Marketers:

  • Sending traffic (people) directly to your offer for your prospect to buy.


There is no lead magnet present in this method.

There has been no value given to the prospect, they have simply been shown an offer immediately.


2. Typical Marketers:

  • Sending traffic to your generic capture page


  • To your offer for your prospect to buy.


Generic capture pages can convert extremely well if the person within the company that created it has optimized it for high conversions.

If you want to position yourself head and shoulders above your competition, a generic capture page would not be your best method.

Thousands of other marketers have access to the same capture page as you which means that there is a high possibility that your prospect may have seen it before.

Once your interested prospect has given you their information if you send them straight to your sales video, which is your offer, technically you haven’t given your prospect a piece of value they can take away with them that solves their problem.

You haven’t served them, you haven’t helped them, in their eyes you are just asking them to buy.


3. Professional Marketers:

  • Sending traffic to a custom capture page


  • To a high value lead magnet that solves your prospects problem


  • To your offer for your prospect to buy


You simply want to ALLOW prospects to become your customers.

Upon creating a custom capture page that follows the formula of:

  • Hook
  • Lead Magnet
  • Call To Action


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…you are positioning yourself head and shoulders above your competition because you have created something that is different, unique, personalized to you and your brand, ultimately maximizing your lead generation.

Customized capture pages also allow for you to optimize at your own discretion.

Testing and tweaking until you have maximized the number of targeted leads you are getting to your offer.


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Your valuable lead magnet needs to be:

  • Unique
  • Has a memorable name that grabs your audience’s attention
  • Solves a specific problem with a specific solution for a specific prospect target audience
  • Speaks to the desired end result for your prospect
  • Quickly and easily consumed
  • Creates a positive expectancy “I can see how I can do that too!”
  • Has enormous high perceived value
  • Creates an “Aha” moment for your prospect


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I used to rack my brains figuring out what type of lead magnet would convert best for my business model.
Can you relate?
Check out these 9 diverse types of lead magnets that will help you choose which is the right piece of value to share with your target audience for your business:



A report or guide is typically the most common form of a lead magnet.


Because it works.

However, it only works if it is created effectively with a specific intention to solve your prospects problem.

Stay focused on the objective without getting side tracked on a different topic.

It is seen as the ‘view’ of a particular piece of information, which you give to prospects who are interested in receiving it.

EXAMPLE: Maverix Lifestyles


The 7 things you need to know about building an online business













A hand out or cheat sheet can be anything in the form of a:

  • Checklist
  • Mind map
  • Blueprint

Once again this type of lead magnet needs to be very specific and usually anywhere between 1-5 pages maximum.

A hand out or cheat sheet creates a different feel to a guide or report.

People love to get their hands on the short cut answer to their problems.

Feeling like they have the upper hand, being shown the special secret way to get the job done so to speak.



Ultimate Social Media Hand Out Or Cheat Sheet Capture Page











This is a fantastic lead magnet for Network Marketers / Affiliate Marketers.

It is a very useful lead magnet that clearly gives exact information on the exact tools and or resources required to create a specific result.

This can lead into a webinar training demonstration where you sell your affiliate tools.

EXAMPLE: Unbounce


Unbounce Resources Or Tool Kit Capture Page





This particular lead magnet is an extremely powerful pre sell when implemented correctly.

It delivers to your prospect through specific pre framing, resulting in a higher quality lead as they are already pre sold.

A video series or launch style journey is another powerful form with a ton of value that your prospect is exposed to, typically for the duration of no more than 10 days.

The reciprocity mental trigger kicks into full gear when implementing this method due to the enormous value given over time.

EXAMPLE: Inside The Minds


Inside The Minds Capture Page Example













Typically a trial is known as a trip wire where your prospect has access to something for a certain amount of time for free or for a very small low cost usually between $4 – $9 depending on the cost of your actually product.

A software download is typically used by software companies.

EXAMPLE: Interact


Interact Trial Or Software Download Capture Page













Typically these types of lead magnets are designed for tangible products you receive in the mail.



 Macys Free Shipping Or Discount Capture Page













These types of lead magnets are a very powerful way of engaging with your prospect, qualifying them and learning more about what they want.

It gets your prospect involved from the beginning, giving them a voice and the ability to participate in the process.

EXAMPLE: Truth Or Hype


Survey Or Quiz Capture Page















A test or assessment allows for speedy instant gratification and consumption.

It is placed on your blog or website.

EXAMPLE: Kissmetrics




Kissmetrics Test Or Assessment Capture Page













This lead magnet is pricing, description and updates of products and services which can be very desirable to certain niches in exchange for their information.

The content is delivered digitally for instant gratification and consumption.

EXAMPLE: Madonna


Madonna Sales Material or Blind Capture Page













At the end of the day your focus and attention needs to be on creating enormous value for your target audience and solving their problems.

Positioning yourself head and shoulders above your competition allowing for your prospect to openly receive your information creating a feeling of positive expectancy.

Once again we must simply ALLOW prospects to become our customers.


Here’ an interesting fact:

Fewer than 10% in any population use ‘price’ as one of the top three determining factors in buying decisions.

90% of sales people sell as if 90% of their prospects buy by price.


If a prospect does not buy the first time they are exposed to your offer it doesn’t mean that they never will, it just means they wont right now.


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What types of lead magnets have you found convert best for your business?

Leave your thoughts and/or questions in the comment section below….


40 thoughts on “Nine Diverse Types of Lead Magnet’s

  1. Great post today Alesha and you make some great points about the various types of lead magnets, a couple of them I didn’t know about Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. Great to hear you received some value from what I shared Dan. Appreciate you.

  2. Awesome information about lead magnets Alesha. I’ve been working on mine. Will bookmark this post as I think one needs to be constantly offering them. Thanks for sharing this valkuable info.

    1. Right on Ann and I completely agree with you, one needs to be offering lead magnet’s constantly so we can share as much value as possible with our target audience.

  3. Great tips and a super informative post here Mate. Personally I have been using alot of lead magnet and bridge marketing with quizzes and video training. Love the detail in here. Thanks for sharing such awesome value.

    1. Appreciate you stopping by Garry. I am going to be looking into using Quizzies myself a little more moving forward. I believe the more engaging we can be with our audience the more value we can provide and ultimately solve people’s problems.

  4. Very informative post Alesha!
    Lots of value here…
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Daphne, I appreciate you stopping by.

  5. Alesha all I can say is, WOW! This is right on point, very thorough, and well written.

  6. Superbly explained thanks Alesha! I love that you gave so many awesome examples of lead magnets. So true the fact about people not using price as a factor in buying decisions. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Emily, when I heard about this statistic I was blown away, it really is eye opening, especially as a marketer. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Thanks for this post Alesha. I have been challenged by putting together the right kind of lead magnet for my blog. Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. No worries Janet, I am so happy that I could assist you with creating your next blog lead magnet.

  8. Awesome post Alesha!

    I am actually putting together a lead magnet for a hangout that I am promoting. I was looking for diverse ideas on the different types of lead magnets. This info helped spark my creativity a ton!

    Thanks a bunch 🙂

    1. Great to hear David, sparking the creativity inside of us is often the key to an awesome idea that leads to the results that we want. Appreciate you stopping by!

  9. Wow! Now that was a badass post, Alesha! Some awesome examples of lead magnets! I hope more people read this and understand how powerful they can be. Thanks for sharing this! Definitely a post worth bookmarking!

    1. Thank you Steve, I appreciate your kind words. I’m glad I could give you some value here. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Excellent info, Alesha! I’ve been through those moments of racking my brains, wondering “how….” Thanks for sharing this- it’s a “must” for everyone with an online business!

    1. Thank you Jenny and I completely agree with you, it is a ‘must’ for anyone with an online business.

  11. This is awesome Alesha. Yes, offering value up-front is a great way to stand out head and shoulders among the competition. Thank you for sharing

    1. Juan, I appreciate you checking out this info. How can we do things differently is always the key to creating the success we desire.

  12. These are great tips and advice Alesha! Lead magnets are an important part to building our list and I love all the different ideas and strategies you break it all down. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Lynn, I appreciate you stopping by and glad you got some value here. It is so true what you mention, lead magnet’s are a very important part of building our list indeed.

  13. Alesha as always you give extraordinary value in each and everyone of your posts…Thanks for sharing this wealth of information…

    1. I appreciate your feedback Irene, thank you so much for your kind words.
      I really enjoy giving as much value as I possibly can that will truly help people build their online presence.

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