Nine traits of genuine people


Have you always wanted to only associate with genuine people?

I know I have and it seems that these types of people can be very few and far between, especially if you’re surrounding yourself with negativity and failure.

The definition of genuine is: Truly what something is said to be; authentic.

Whether you’re building a business, relationships, networking, being genuine and surrounding yourself with genuine people is always going to elevate you and those around you to higher levels of success.


People join people, not products, we are always selling ourselves on a day to day basis without even realizing it sometimes.


Associating with people who are fake, phony and blatant liars aren’t the ideal people anyone would want to hang out with.

It is such a rare trait where so many people talk the talk and never ever walk the walk.

The aim here is to identify yourself as a “genuine” person by diving into the nine traits below:



Walk the walk












As I mentioned above genuine people are people who actually do what they say they are going to do.

This trait to me personally is one of THE most important trait of all when it comes to being a successful leader in anything you set out to achieve in business or personal life.

The speed of the pack is always determined by the speed of the leader.

You cannot expect to be successful if you are not willing to follow through and set an example for those that around you.

Do as I say AND as I do!

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Take action














Very closely related to walking the walk where taking action over time to produce a specific result is engrained.

Never telling someone to do something that they are not or haven’t done themselves.

Genuine people don’t think they are better then anyone else.

You will find that this trait is consistent across the board of everything they do in their lives.

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It’s good and well to walk the walk and take action but are you doing it on a regular or daily basis?

Sadly the majority expect to achieve a specific result only doing the work a few times or in a very erratic manner.

Then they blame “the thing” saying it doesn’t work.

It’s them that’s not working.

Consistent daily action over time will give you the desired result.

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Thick Skin











If you want to win big in life you have to have thick skin.

Collapsing in a heap or crawling under a rock the moment someone says something to you that you don’t like or hurts your feelings is not going to help you.

I like to say that if you have haters you’re doing something right.

Think about it….

When was the last time you saw a statue built for someone who didn’t speak their mind and stand up for what they believed in against all the odds?






Genuine people are not concerned with being “liked”.

This need is closely related to insecurity and narcissism.

They are confident in who they are and know very well that not everyone will like them and that’s ok.
















They are comfortable in their own skin.

Many are constantly wanting or wishing they could be someone else and live someone else’s life.

Often consuming their time obsessing over that person and not growing themselves.

Genuine people concern themselves with themselves and how they can be of service to others.


















Genuine people are the very least bit naive, they can smell BS a mile away.

Grounded in reality, in tune with themselves and sensing “full of it” people in extraordinary numbers.






They don’t need alot of stuff around them.

When you know who you are, you don’t need to run to the shopping mall every time you’re feeling a little down to buy something for yourself in the hopes that the pain will disappear for a brief moment.

Genuine people know the happiness is found within and it’s the experiences with those we love that are important.

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Ego stands for Edging Guidance Out.

Genuine people don’t possess big ego’s or want to boast about their accomplishments.

They are much more focused on helping others achieve the same by sharing their value with the world.

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67 thoughts on “Nine traits of genuine people

  1. Thanks, Alecia. I now have a lot of these in progress anyway. The thick skin, well, it’s thicker than it used to be. I’m working on making my focus on the other person’s challenge so I can be a genuine leader. Great points.

  2. Awesome post Alesha, its best to be genuine and real and share you, not what you think everybody else see you as, but being what everyone else sees you as but in your own authentic way. Thanks again Alesha.

  3. So true keep the haters away.. Never stay with negative people they will drag you in same direction.
    great leaders do the same, just in a genius way and only for them to spot it, and be consistent and true to themselves.
    Xo Charlotte

  4. I simply love this “If you want to win big in life you have to have thick skin” Awesome.
    Love 9 traits with perfect images. Alesha Thank you so much for informative post.

  5. “The speed of the pack is always determined by the speed of the leader.” Thanks for being a great example, Alesha!

  6. Oh Alesha! This is what I’m talking about here all the time! The mindset, and the way of feeling successful, and behaving like it even before you’re making the success happen so others can see it. It has to do with being genuine, and from that you build success, not the other way round.
    Thanks so much!
    I actually shared a post about the “shopping to forget and not doing what you have to do” effect!

    If you like it, just tell me:



    Jana F. Herde

  7. Loved it Alesha Drew! Another amazing post! I wish I had time to read all the references. Powerful lessons as always. “Ego stands for Edging Guidance Out”, that’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Awesome post Alesha! I’m going to print this one off and give it to my step-daughter. She could Definitely benefit from this knowledge. GREAT work.

  9. This is a fantastic post on the 9 different types of traits of genuine people you mention on this post! Thanks Alesha!

  10. Great post mate, and I love the points you made here. People follow people who are honest and genuine, all to often you find people are full of it, and its nice to know someone who walks the walk and talks the talk. Thanks for sharing.

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