54 thoughts on “Psychology Of Epic Email Marketing Conversions

  1. Thanks Alesha. Absolutely amazing post I got so many awesome tips here 🙂
    Bookmarked it right away to come back to refresh my memory on epic email marketing conversions.

    1. Thanks Marko, yes there is a ton of information to take in and come back to as you begin to implement. Glad you received value.

  2. This information is a treasure trove of value. You have built a roadmap of how a successful e-mail campaign can be carried out. Great job, I especially liked the step-by-step instructions on the different types of campaigns.

    1. Right on Don, step by step instruction is always a great way to fully explain the understand why and how to implement things. Appreciate you stopping by.

    1. Of course Val, happy to hear I’ve been able to help you out an that you received value.

  3. Wonderful! I bookmarked your post to be easy for me to come back. I fully enjoyed going through your post, Alesha. ..it’s a wealth of valuable information. Thank you so very much for the sharing. Isn’t it interesting that each time I go through any of your posts I’m in awe?

    1. Appreciate your kind words Dragos. I enjoy giving as much value as I possible can to those who are willing and open to receiving it.
      Book marking is a great idea for when you are implementing these ideas into your email marketing campaigns.

  4. I love this post Alesha. When I see some email subject lines, I wonder if that same person would write an ad with the same headline.. Probably not. Without the “open” there is nothing, so the subject line should be thought about first and worked on. Then the copy added. Not the other way around. That’s my thinking anyway. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Right on Keith, the subject line will make or break our email marketing campaigns so it is such a crucial factor when we create any type of email to our subscribers to put massive focus on the subject line and follow through with congruency moving forward.

    1. Thanks Shayne, you rock for taking the time to check out my post.
      Glad you received value!
      Keep rockin it out!

    1. My pleasure Ken, always here to serve and give as much value as possible.

  5. Thank you Alesha for your very informative blog. The ‘URGENCY OR SCARCITY’ tactic can often be very effective.

    1. Yes it can Else, it forces people to make a decision in a timely manner.
      Successful people make decisions fast and changed their minds slowly.
      Unsuccessful people make decisions slowly and change their minds quickly.

  6. Thanks for sharing all of this useful info on email marketing Alesha… these examples are absolutely amazing! I never really thought about the 2 types of subscribers, something to keep in mind for sure.

    1. Right on Vanessa, appreciate you stopping by.
      And yes, our perspective really opens up when we discover the different types of people that are on our lists and how we can serve them better.

  7. This post is GOLD, great content and such valuable ‘stuff’ lol…amazing, and thank you!

    1. Thank you Zen, I appreciate you stopping by.
      I always love to give as much ‘stuff’ as I possible can. 😉

    1. Thank you guys! Book marking is a great way to come back to sections that you need when implementing these strategies into your email marketing.

  8. Alesha, Great post full of value. This is one that I will book mark. You do an excellent job with the basics to include examples. Also like your links to additional info.

    1. Thanks Earl, I love explaining things in their most simplest form so as even the newest newbie can understand, linked with examples and additional info.

  9. i think this was 1 of my biggest fears of blogging is subscriber and how and what to say great valuable info here . bookmarked to read again and learn and share.

    1. Great to hear Juanita, when we implement strategies that allow for all types of subscribers to engage with us we can build rapport and ultimately give them what they want.

    1. Thanks Irene, and yes it’s definitely one to come back to when implementing these email marketing strategies into your campaigns.

  10. Holy smokes what a post. Still reading it. You got me to click on that animated image of yours. I said…Alesha is speaking in her video…so I decided to pause it and then ended up somewhere else. Nice! Thanks Alesha!

  11. This is a great post when it comes to email marketing! I’m blown away with this awesome content. I’m definitely going to bookmark this page! Thanks for sharing this Alesha!!!!

    1. No worries Danny, happy to learn that you received a ton of value you can implement!

  12. Alesha you really brought the value here! email marketing is key, and that first email will be so important in getting your new subscribers off on a good foot! But all the other tips and strategies you share here makes for a wonderful email marketing resource. Thanks for sharing!

    1. My pleasure Lynn, I aim to give as much value as humanly possible in the most simplest way possible so that even the newest newbie can understand and begin to implement. Appreciate you stopping by.

    1. Great news Luci, and yes often just a few small tests and tweaks can make all the difference.

  13. wow a ton of information and value that you give here. Thanks for sharing this Alesha.

    1. No worries Aziz…I am glad to hear you gained value and can take away some tips to implement into your own business. Appreciate you stopping by.

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