Team building concepts and principles


“It is more powerful to be unified with a group of people, than it is to do things on your own” David Wood


Success in any shape or form is impossible to achieve purely by yourself.


My idol Madonna, recently reminded me of this:

Madonna’s powerful words when she was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame in 2008…

She reflects on the people in her life that believed in her before anyone knew her name, a struggling dancer…

“I am only the manager of my talent, not the owner”


There are always going to be people you choose to surround yourself with that are going to assist you, support you, work with you and ultimately believe in you, see your vision and align themselves with it.


In terms of running a business, there are three growing phases:

1. The GRIND

2. Building a team

3. Building systems and duplicating


Majority of people will try and skip the GRIND phase….

They will attempt to do what a successful person in their industry is currently doing, not realizing that that person started in the grind phase just like everybody else.

If you’re going to skip the grind phase and attempt to build systems, you’re going to have a tough time when you haven’t learned the basics yet.

The grind phase is the most brutal time within your business and if you’re not willing to go through it and try to go around it, underneath it and over the top of it, you’ll end up back at square one zero again.

Take responsibility of your skills, don’t look to your sponsor or others to hold your hand.

Everyone starts from zero.

When you’re building your business you want it to get better as you build your team, not worse.

Building a team can be extremely time consuming, filled with problems and situations that will ultimately effect your ability to produce.

The ultimate goal here is to build a team of people who produce without nagging you all the time.


  •  To grow an organization that expands beyond your sphere of influence.
  • To grow an organization beyond what you can manage and control.
  • To grow an organization beyond the capacity you can imagine.
  • To lead your team to their dream, if their willing to work for it, while maintaining your freedom without your phone blowing up.


Building a team is easy, holding it together is 100 times more difficult if you don’t do it right.

We build teams through systems.

When your helping someone achieve their goals, what we are really doing is changing their belief level on the inside.



Belief changes on the inside.

Action changes on the outside.

There is energy behind what you’re doing.

If your in the network marketing/direct sales industry we only get paid when we produce.


Producing = Selling

Duplication = When selling a product causes other people to sell the product, reinforcing itself when you’re not there.

Productive Income = Personal income from people producing sales. Some is residual, most is from new people.


When building teams you will be constantly dealing with what we call attrition.

To keep people around, they need to be be making approximately $1000 a week.

Everyone else is constantly being replaced.

Attrition never stops!

Accept that people will buy your products and do absolutely nothing with them or not do what you want them to do.

Accept that people will quit, leaders will quit and people will jump from thing to thing.

Be flexible!

I personally had a very difficult time dealing with this when I first got started in this industry.

When I realized the reality of it, I chose to accept it and keep moving forward.


team work













Systems aren’t the only thing that keeps people around.

Building a culture is the other.

  • Systems: Production and duplication mechanisms
  • Culture: Social mechanisms – Your vision, weekly events, inspiration, community


The system can be phenomenal however if there’s zero culture they most likely wont stick around.

  • You need to have a vision that’s attractive to the masses.
  • A strong source of motivation that is internally driven every day.
  • Massive action geared towards production in width (personal) and depth (pass ups)

Think about religion.

Every Sunday people flock together to church voluntarily, knowing that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

With the same belief system, the same vision that’s so powerful, that all of their dreams can fit inside of it.

Every individual inside your team has flocked to you voluntarily and will stay voluntarily.

How long they stay and how successful they become will be determined by their ability to tap into the right system, belief and the feeling of being a part of something bigger than themselves.

If any area of this breaks down, success will not be attained.

34 thoughts on “Team building concepts and principles

  1. Great post Alesha, very well put and clear. We all need to learn to sit and crawl before we walk…don’t skip that step, embrace it and enjoy the ride (even if it will be bumpy, but most of us love rollercoasters…)

  2. Wow Alesha, this is a powerful one. adjusting the seat bell before taking off is important…taking baby steps. In our industry, team building is essential, embracing every moment of the learning curve. Thanks

  3. “When you’re helping someone achieve their goals, what we are really doing is changing their belief level on the inside.” Wow Alesha this describes why team building is complex as we are dealing with the beliefs as well as the confidence of the people that start out with us. The concepts you lay out here are so important for us to bring about a transformation. We must think of the WHOLE individual not just how they may increase our commissions.

  4. GREAT post. It was hard to learn that you must let people leave and that all that join wont be as committed to growing a business. My goal is to do as you say here and use an effective system but also develop a culture among my team. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Team work is what makes the dream work, and its alot like riding a bus…some will get off, and new ones will get one. Team culture is built upon what actions we take daily (people follow leaders who take action) Our self-control is integral to our level of success in anything we seek to achieve. Self-control helps Olympians reach the podium. Self-control maintains the integrity of a marriage. Self-control is imperative for anyone who wishes to lose weight or make money. Love this post, thanks for sharing Alesha Drew.

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