Internet Millionaire Jeff Walker explains the 9 mental triggers ~ Weapons of mass Influence, when if used strategically will never go out of style.

These 9 mental triggers are extremely powerful due to the them being solidly rooted in our mental psyche.

Jeff Walker was the original creator of the launch style sideways sales letter online and produced the book The Product Launch Formula where he takes you inside his mind and pulls back the curtain on one of the greatest marketing strategies to ever exist.


Keep in mind that Jeff Walker has generated more than $12,000 in a single second in sales and over 1 million dollars in 53 minutes in sales.

You might need to read that again…


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Below are Jeff Walker’s favorite 9 mental triggers:



We often look to others to guide our decisions.

It helps us short cut the decision making process.

Every action in our lives requires thousands of thoughts and decisions every day.

Following people with authority is a way our brains have evolved to make decisions more efficiently.

An example of this is a person in uniform, a doctor or a policeman.



The idea that when someone gives something to us we feel an obligation to give something in return.

Thousand of years ago commerce and trade was conducted like this.

Trust in the trade that once something is given, the other end of their agreement will be upheld.

An example of this is gifts at Christmas time. If someone gives you a gift and you have nothing to give them in return you feel bad and want to reciprocate.

Giving tons of value creates a reciprocity imbalance, the more value the more likely your prospect is going to reciprocate.



A powerful way to become influential in someone’s life.

If you want someone to do something, buy from you, be influenced by you it’s much easier if they trust you.

Trust takes time, especially in the business world.

An example of this is if a friend or family member tells you something your likely to believe it without question because of the relationship with that person – as opposed to a stranger.

In our business, building a relationship with your prospect is essential.



Closely related to scarcity ~ the idea that someone will want something more if there’s less of it available.

Also relating to events, focusing on the date and time of something coming up.

An example of this is when you’re looking forward to Christmas day or a birthday gift etc.

If you use anticipation right, your prospects will look forward to your content and save the date.



We enjoy doing business with people we know, like and trust.

More influenced by people we know than we don’t.

An example of this is to be honest, give great content, interaction, responding to people’s questions.

This builds connection and likeability.

Likeable things make people like you!

Humanize your message as people want connection and authenticity.



People love events and get pulled in by them.

It makes them feel they are part of something bigger than themselves.

An example of this is sports games. An event people look forward to and it becomes a ritual.

Rituals pull people together in a powerful way.

Religion is another powerful example.

In the modern world we are starved for rituals, turn your marketing into an event.



We act in accordance to how we think the people in our community are suppose to act.

An example of this to think of a community you are a part of or a past community.

What were the expectations of how you were to act in that community.

Interact with prospects and they will also interact with each other forming a community.

Comments, liking posts, spreading the word and buying products.



Where there is less of something we want more.

The perception of scarcity is what motivates us.

An example of this is why do people want diamonds or Lamborghini’s?

Because they are RARE!

It forces people to make a decision and act quickly before it’s gone.

People will put off a decision if they have a choice.

Build this into your marketing and make it clear that there will be a negative consequence if they don’t buy.



The idea that if we see others taking action we will too.

Typically we take cues from others around us if we don’t know how to act.

An example of this is when you choose to go to restaurant that has more people in it than another one that has less.

In marketing, commenting, conversation and likes all do this.



So this post has taken you through a brief tour of some of the world’s mental triggers.

These triggers influence our actions and decisions fundamentally 24 hours a day.

In the context of marketing, these triggers shape your prospects actions and decisions every day that when triggered by you, can create massive results for your business.


An important point to remember is that these mental triggers are not isolated they are closely related, working synergistically.

Together they can create a massive impact!


Jeff Walker’s book The Product Launch Formula shares the secret formula to selling almost anything online and if you don’t own a copy yet, click HERE and grab yours now.

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  1. Great Article. Reciprocity is a great one, its why we do what we do. The more people you help get what they want, you can get what you want.

  2. Well you just gave away the keys to the castle….. that’s killer info. Your blogs are always jam packed full of awesomeness its truly inspirational.

    1. This is great to hear Alex, I appreciate your feedback! Jeff Walker’s book is a killer and definitely worth grabbing!

  3. This is a great post Alesha! 🙂 This book reminds me a lot of ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ by Robert Cialdini…thanks for always providing a ton of value 🙂

  4. I love this book. I’ve been a fan of Jeff Walker for quite a long time. Though I admit to being a long time student of psychology and advertising techniques, I’m not an outstanding marketer…yet. Going from the Knowing to the Doing to the Succeeding at Doing 🙂

    1. This is great feedback Charlene, “yet” being the operative word. I love what you said: Going from the Knowing to the Doing to the Succeeding at Doing 🙂 Stay the course!

  5. This is great to hear Alex, I appreciate your feedback! Jeff Walker’s book is a killer and definitely worth grabbing!

  6. This is great feedback Charlene, “yet” being the operative word. I love what you said: Going from the Knowing to the Doing to the Succeeding at Doing 🙂 Stay the course!

  7. Thanks for sharing. I’m on Jeff Walker’s list, but have not read this book. I must add it to my library this year.

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