The capture page formula that converts


There are three elements behind the formula to a capture page that converts.

These are the fundamental basics that when the strategy and psychology behind them is understood and implemented, will create personalized capture pages that convert.

Keep in mind that there are particular types of traffic that each capture page needs to be designed for.

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Why do you need to design your own capture pages?

If you are part of a business opportunity, you may be supplied with generic capture pages that your company has given you.

There is nothing wrong with using these however, if you want to position yourself above the competition in your market place, creating your own personalized capture page is your smartest option.

Think about it, if majority of people in your company are using the same capture page, that potentially means that thousands of people have already seen it.

When you create your own, no one has seen it yet and it’s personalized to you.

Remember people join people not products.

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Below are the three elements to the capture page formula:


A lead magnet is the piece of value that you are giving away in exchange for the person’s email address and sometimes name as well.

This piece of value needs to solve that person’s problem in order for them to want to enter their information.

Your lead magnet also needs to be a piece of value that your target marketplace wants.

You wouldn’t offer a free report on ‘The 10 tips to train a cat’ to an audience that wanted to learn how to train dogs would you?

I’m pretty sure you get my point now. 😉


A lead magnet can include any of the following:

  • PDF
  • Video
  • Webinar
  • Audio
  • Software
  • Sample
  • Teleseminar
  • Mindmap
  • Cheatsheet


Lead magnet tips:

  • You want your lead magnet to be unique with a sexy feel
  • Give it a memorable name that grabs your audience’s attention
  • It needs to be very clear and specific
  • Speaks to the desired end result for your target audience
  • Easily and quickly consumed
  • Creates a positive expectancy “I can see how I can do that too!”
  • Has a high perceived value
  • Creates an “Aha” moment for your audience



The hook is your BIG promise!

This hook is usually located in your headline.

It is the benefit that the lead magnet provides for your audience.


Hook tips:

  • It needs to be very clear and specific
  • Must focus on ONE thing
  • Must speak directly to your target markets desired end result



Your call to action is what you want your audience to do next.

Sometimes this may seem very obvious but often if a person is not clearly told what to do they wont do it.

Your call to action needs to be extremely direct.

It needs to be mentioned 2-3 times on your capture page.

Don’t ever forget the magic phrase “Your information will be sent to the email address provided above”.

This helps stop people from entering fake email address’s as they know they wont get the information unless they give their real email address.

To see examples of high converting capture pages visit HERE


Now that you know the three capture page elements, you have just understood the key ingredients of strategy and psychology behind a well oiled capture page that converts.

Now you are ready to optimize your capture page.

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Below is the Maverix Lifestyles Capture Blueprint – The ultimate blueprint behind the capture technique:



ML Capture Blueprint PDF


Take this information and start implementing this formula into your capture pages, test and tweak until you get the results that you want.

If you don’t have a piece of capture page designing software, I recommend Optimize Press, pick up yours and start designing today by visiting HERE.

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  1. Great article Alesha. I’m with ya on this one. Doing your OWN capture pg vs some generic one WILL set us apart. I do this myself.

  2. We always create our own, it’s always best to test and tweak through A/B split testing your campaigns. I didn’t know how to do this before but Rich is a great coach and teacher. Very good outline!

  3. Good points – especially matching your lead magnet to your target audience’s needs and designing your own custom page to further your competitive advantage & personal branding.

  4. Great tips Alesha! I’m actually getting ready to create my first capture page now and this quiet helpful. Thanks for adding a link showing examples of the different types of capture pages. Seeing them was very helpful. Cool infographic as too! You rock! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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