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There was once a time that SEO wasn’t important. There was a time that having a carefully created website wasn’t the focus of every business owner in the world. In those days just having a website showed the public how serious a person was because there weren’t many people that had computers and even fewer that had an actual website on the World Wide Web. Not today. Today having a website is as common as having a candy bar for breakfast. The popularity of the internet has changed the way everyone looks at websites and SEO has made the game a bit more interesting.

Search engine optimization is something that became necessary as more and more people began to put websites up. Search engines needed to find a way to match the right websites with those that are looking for them. The updates and changes that major search engines impose on webmasters can be tiring and devastating but it’s a necessary evil.


Websites & SEO of Times Past
Before there were a billion websites online to view, there were few. Most of these websites were built to catch a random person’s eye with fun designs, games and other pieces of information. These websites were useful but most businesses knew that everyone in the world didn’t have computers in their home.

As the internet got easier to access and the popularity of home computers changed, the need for change became apparent. As business owners began to see the power behind having a website, they began to demand as much attention from internet users as they could get. In response to those demands, search engines began to change and look at websites differently. They began to change how websites appeared in their index.


Websites & SEO of Current Times
Many webmasters say the changes that Google requires are a tool of the devil. These changes are always something major because it affects so many people in many different ways. Webmasters that don’t change their websites or content to fit the new mold runs the risk of being blacklisted from the biggest search engine in the world or they will lose their current ranking. Neither of these things is what a webmaster wants but there is nothing they can do other than comply if they want to still be listed.

There are many changes that Google and other search engines have imposed on webmasters. These search engines don’t want too many flash graphics. They don’t want useless content. They don’t look at a website that hasn’t been updated in several years anymore. These changes seem pointless to the webmaster that has to institute these changes but they are very relevant to the end user.

Everyday people use the internet for a specific reason. Search engines want to be able to bring their users to the best websites for their needs. To get the results they want, search engine giants don’t mind putting the squeeze on webmasters to give them what they want so they can continue to deliver.














Future of SEO
The changes that everyone dreads won’t stop anytime soon. Many people lost their minds when Panda, Pigeon and Panda 4.1 happened. These updates continued to demand better content be delivered, more search engine optimization efforts be done and less fussiness be used. It’s not over. The demands won’t stop anytime soon.

Those that want to keep their websites relevant and indexed will have to continue with the demands of the search engine giants. These demands are meant to make the life of a browser easier. Those that keep up with the initial set of changes will find it’s easier to stay afloat if they make changes as they are required. The most important thing a webmaster can do is stay informed of the major updates and decide what will affect them and what won’t.

The SEO tactics of the past will never come back. The SEO tactics of right now will soon become a thing of the past. With technology always changing, the future of SEO looks promising with the next market being Speech recognition. Webmasters and business owners that understand the power of SEO will have their hands full as Google releases new updates.


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