The imitation game cracks the enigma code


In THE IMITATION GAME, Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Alan Turing, the genius British mathematician, logician, cryptologist and computer scientist who led the charge to crack the German Enigma Code that helped the Allies win WWII.

Turing’s team, including Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley), analyze Enigma messages while he builds a machine to decipher them.

They finally succeed and become heroes, Turing went on to assist with the development of computers at the University of Manchester after the war, but was prosecuted by the UK government in 1952 for homosexual acts which the country deemed illegal.


The Imitation Game











The imitation game is an extremely powerful and inspiring movie based on a true story.

Personally, I am fascinated with human beings that think differently and choose the path of extra ordinary.

In Alan Turing’s case he was no exception.

Being labelled and out casted as ‘different’ his entire life, Turing was nothing short of an absolute genius.















Through major adversity, Turing designed a machine that cracked the Enigma code that the Germans were using during WWII, saving between 14 – 21 million people being killed, cutting the war short by an estimated average of 2 years.

Germany’s Army, Air Force and Navy transmitted many thousands of coded messages each day during World War II.

These ranged from top-level signals, situation reports prepared by generals at the battle fronts, and orders signed by Hitler himself,  weather reports and inventories of supply ships contents.

Thanks to Turing and his team of British code breakers, much of this information ended up in allied hands – sometimes within an hour or two of it being transmitted.

The faster the messages were cracked, the fresher the intelligence that they contained, and on at least one occasion an intercepted Enigma message’s English translation was being read at the British Admiralty less than 15 minutes after the Germans had transmitted it.

The UK kept the details of the Enigma machine Turing named ‘Christopher’ after his close friend who passed away, secret until 1974.

















Turing had a vision and no matter who told him he couldn’t do it, no matter what set backs came his way, he fought through, persistent and consistently each and every day.

Of course Turing did not do this alone, his team of code analyzers were the best in the UK.



The Imitation Game 5












This is the power of a vision. The ability to see the end result that will create an enormous impact and this case a global impact.

If Turing had been stopped and the machine had not been created, who knows what would have happened in terms of the war.

Turing thought differently from the beginning, instead of solving the problem with human thinking he knew that a machine could do the thinking for them.

The process of human thinking consisted of analyzing the codes all day and at midnight the codes would change and they would have a few hours turn over before they would have to decipher new code all over again.

Proving that one good idea can literally change the world.




Alan Turing














Sadly Alan Turing decided to end his life when given the decision to choose between hormonal treatment or prison, due to the fact that he was homosexual.

1953 was not very long ago, in Britain at the time homosexuality was illegal.

The man who cracked the Enigma code and saved millions of lives was being given an ultimatum because of his sexual preference.

Thousands of men were imprisoned and ‘treated’ for what the law saw as a disease at that time.

This truly saddens me and though as a society we have come along way, there is still a long way to go where gay rights are concerned.

As the above image states: ‘Think of how much we could of advanced if homosexuality was more widely accepted.”

We are all human beings and it shouldn’t matter who we choose to love.

Some of the most beautiful friends of mine are homosexual, it shouldn’t be anyone’s business but there own.


This movie reminded me of the fascinating entrepreneurial lifestyle I choose to live.

Entrepreneurs have a vision.

A passion burning inside of us.

When we have a dream, nothing can stop it.

“The greatest tragedy in the world is unrealized dreams”


If Alan Turing could take one good idea, put it in into action, resulting in ending WWII and saving millions of lives, what’s stopping us from impacting the world?


“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of, who do the things no one can imagine.”


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  1. Great insight into the movie and I really liked your connection with entrepreneurship and the importance of persistence… Thanks Alesha.

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I haven’t watched a movie in forever, but this one looks enticing. I love how you used it as a metaphor for what an entrepreneur can do if they take action towards their dreams.

  3. Alesha, my good friend, what an excellent and inspiring story. I am a movies lover….this one, a true story is a must see. The power of belief, faith, love, passion and being un-realistic and extraordinary. Thanks

  4. Alesha I love your post and cannot wait to see this film….success is really about persistence..I love how you interwove this into your post!

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