The keys to building massive teams in your network marketing business


When building our network marketing business, we initially focus on selling and producing.

All of a sudden we have a team that’s growing rapidly and we realize that the game has just changed.

Selling and producing is one thing, team building is a completely different ball game.

Sure, we all want massive teams but are we ever really ready for everything that comes with that?

Today I’m going to share with you a few key team building concepts that when mastered, will enable you to:



1. Build a massive team of people

2. A team of people who produce

3. A team of people who produce without nagging you all day long.



When you’re building your business, you want it to get better as you progress, not worse.


Your main goals when building massive teams is:


1. Growing your organization that expands beyond your sphere of influence.

2. Grow your organization beyond what you can manage and control.

3. Grow an organization beyond the capacity you can imagine.

4. Lead your team to the dream, if their willing to work for it, while maintaining your freedom and your phone not blowing up every minute of the day.


Building your team can be easy, holding it together is 100 times more difficult if you don’t do it right.



There are three core concepts of what this industry is and how it builds:



1. Producing: Selling

2. Duplication: Selling it causes other people to sell it, reinforcing itself when you’re not there.

3. Productive income: Income from people producing sales. Some will be residual, most will be from new people.



There is something we call an attrition rate within the network marketing industry, which is where people will join and then at some point down the track they will quit.

You can’t keep 100% of people around for eternity. – Attrition never stops!

Generally, to keep people around they need to be making $1000 a week.

This is when they stop quitting in large numbers.

Everyone else is constantly being replaced.

Accept that people will buy products and not do anything with them or not do what you want them to do.


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This is something I had to comes to terms with when I first got started within this industry.

It still astounds me to this very day that people will buy products and do absolutely nothing with them.

We must accept it and move forward.

We can’t get mad at human nature, we must be flexible.

People will quit, jump from thing to thing and leaders will leave.

Our aim is to constantly be replacing people all the time faster than people can quit.















There is another crucial point to keep in mind:

Systems don’t keep people around, culture keeps people around.

You may have the most amazing system in the world but if you have 0 culture you won’t keep that many people around that long.


Think about religious groups, a voluntary group of people that gather at least once a week.


Network Marketing is very similar.


We are a volunteer army.


How do we create culture?


1. We must have a vision that is attractive to people.

2. A strong source of motivation.

3. Massive action geared towards production both in width and depth.

Width being personal and depth being pass ups.



If you can build massive teams while building a culture around it, you will keep more people around as they will feel and know that they are a part of a vision bigger then themselves.


There is a simple team building formula:


1. Leads (prospects)

2. Follow up

3. Effective at selling

4. Up selling

5. Duplication mechanisms

6. Cultural mechanisms


54 thoughts on “The keys to building massive teams in your network marketing business

  1. So true that you can’t keep 100 percent of the people around for eternity. It reminds me of Jim Rohn in that he explained that some don’t stay. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. Fantastic (Y) Alesha. Informative post having great content. Simple team building formula and create culture is the best part of the article. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I see a lot of people who struggle with keeping their team active and growing. This is their answer. Definitely sharing this. Thanks Alesha!

  4. This is the hardest thing to do. You hit the nail on the head with this post. Keeping a team together is not an easy thing to do. Thanks for sharing Alesha..

  5. Another jammed packed value based post Alesha about building massive teams and you outlined it to the tee. I love ‘we are a volunteer army’ – so true and we are building a culture like none other. This is definitely worth the share. Well done!

  6. great post Alesha! yup, had to learn to not take it personally when people sign up, do nothing and then go away. Thanks for the great tips on team building!

  7. Yes I agree and we can’t forget the encounters with the most interesting people all around the world just Wow! we met some really cool people during our own journey who just are amazing.

  8. This is fantastic content you got here Alesha for the most points you came across from this content when it comes to building a large team in Network Marketing!

  9. Great post. Team building is one that you have to practice and perfect. We all start somewhere they key is that we start. FOllow up to me is so important it shows you are a real person =).

  10. Love this Alesha Drew and the core concepts are key. Being yourself is also a cricital part of any team building, and I also like the point about building a team without them nagging you all day. Everyone must contribute and that is how everyone wins!

  11. Obviously this is not Alesha’ Drew’s first network marketing rodeo! Some lucky upline and downline is in for a treat! There is a leader post! Brilliant Alesha Drew brilliant!

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