First of all I would like to state that success is not luck.

If someone is successful in their lives it was not caused by luck, it was most likely caused by their ability to believe, work hard and take consistent action on a daily basis to get to their desired result.

There is a process known as the process of manifestation:

1. Your programming leads to

2. your thoughts which leads to

3. your feelings which leads to

4. your actions which leads to

5. your RESULTS

Notice that you consistently see the word “YOUR” during this process. This is an inside job purely determined by YOU and YOU alone.

You have to be willing to adjust your programming, learn something new and consider there may be different ways in order to change.

If you want to remain the same out of spite – this will effect you only, nothing will change and you’ll be left the same old person you were before.

Nothing changes when nothing changes.


You, money and prosperity:

People will say “Knowledge is power” which is simply not the case.

“APPLIED knowledge is power”.

You can know everything about many different topics however if you don’t apply that knowledge it wont help you or anyone else around you ever.

If you want people to follow you, respect you and look up to you, walk the walk instead of talk the talk.

Be a living inspiring example of success.


The definition of prosperity is a relationship with money that enhances and supports your total experience.


Many people have an issue with money due to a number of reasons.

You need to build a healthy relationship with money that enhances and supports your total experience in life.

The number one cause of stress is lack of money!

How do we change this? We change our programming.


Instead of thinking to yourself “If I leave my job to become an entrepreneur what if it doesn’t work?”

This causes fear, anxiety and doubt which results in no action and everything staying the same.

How about you say to yourself “What if I leave my job to become an entrepreneur and it DOES WORK?”

This causes excitement, happiness and achievement resulting in an action that could transform your life.

We take actions based on how we feel.




The main problem is not the lack of money, it’s the relationship with money.

Majority of people live off credit cards and have the mindset of getting back to zero.

What happens when our goal is to reach zero? We start racking up the cards again and repeat the same viscous cycle.

If all your thinking about is paying bills and credit cards, this always indicates a perception of getting back to zero.

You must shift your mindset and have much bigger goals if your life is going to change.


Many believe that if you suddenly have money, your going to change as a person which is not true.

You will still be the same person, now with the ability to take care of yourself, to provide more for your loved ones and give back to the world.

It is your birthright to be wealthy and have ultimate freedom in your life.

You must feel good about yourself to receive whats rightfully yours.


Some of us were brought up to believe that people with money are evil.

Even television promotes it this way, with a prime example being the re make of Titanic in 1995.

The evil were the rich people who didn’t have a kind bone in their body and the poor people were the unselfish happy souls.

And this is just one of many examples shown throughout the media and may even be caused by what your parents told you growing up.


Plenty of money is always going to have a different definition for each individual.

Prosperous people don’t worry about money¬† – they manage and budget money.


Our online business community gives you the lifetime business education skills to allow you to prosper and apply to any business or area of your life.

This is the reason why I help others achieve their goals and dreams.

For me, an online or offline company that sells coffee, make up, juice or whatever it is, will not teach me how to be a better person in life.

This is why people jump from thing to thing. When one company closes down and your unable to sell your product you have to jump into another company because you need something to sell.

It is a ludicrous way of thinking in my opinion.

We sell education and once you absorb the information it can be applied anywhere.

I am fully equipped for life no matter what happens.

This is why people with prosperous mindsets are involved in our community because they know they don’t need something to sell.

They can coach, consult, create their own products all because of the education they gained from our community.


Money is energy – don’t block the flow of money because of what you thought was right in the past.

Be open to change, let your past go and don’t let it rule your life.

Once you’ve realized that your blocking your flow of energy you are able and open to change it.



Mindset is everything














You have to go deep inside yourself to understand why it is that your blocking your flow of money.

Maybe it’s because subconsciously your telling yourself that your irresponsible with money.

Therefore you aren’t allowing it into your life because you think you don’t deserve it.


You must change if you want your flow of money to change.

You deserve greatness in your life as you as a human being are priceless in value.


Drop your ego. EGO stands for Edging Guidance Out.

Realize that you might need to change what you thought you knew your whole life and re wire your brain to allow good things to come into your life.


Sometimes people are scared to change because they are afraid of what people will think of them.

It can come from feeling guilty, embarrassment or just not wanting to look bad.

By feeling like this your sabotaging your prosperity and it’s ability to grow by taking no action.


One of the best quotes I have ever heard that gave me a major paradigm shift in my life was this:

“Don’t ever take advice from someone that your not willing to switch places with.”


Your life is a gift, don’t choose to squander it because someone else can’t figure out what they want to do with their life.

Surround yourself with like minded results based people that have the results that you want.

Don’t think for a second that success came to those people in an instant.

We see the glory but we often don’t know the story.

If you have great ideas you must activate these ideas to get a result. If it doesn’t work so well, change it, adapt until it does.


This is why the cemetery is the wealthiest place on earth.

Don’t go to your grave with your ideas and dreams still inside of you.


In closing, you need to work on you, the reprogramming of you.

You have to love money. This does not mean that it controls you and who you are.

Think about your relationship with money. Are you a hoarder of money? Are you an over spender of money?

Appreciate the abilities that you have in life because there’s always someone out there that does not have that ability that is a lot worse off than you.

Use those abilities.

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  1. Thank you James, it is one of my missions to help more and more people to understand themselves, their relationship with money and how it can become your best friend instead of your enemy.

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