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Think about this: We have the ability to reach, connect and build relationships with more people in the world than ever before at any given point in the history of the human race.

And we can actually do this for free right?

Through the astonishing invention of the world wide web!

You can put a post up on Facebook and that post has the ability to be seen by thousands or even millions of people and it cost you nothing.

Mind blowing isn’t it?

Then we also have paid forms of advertising such as email, banner ads, PPC, PPV, solo ads etc.

The best part of this is yet to come…

Your competitors out there in your target market place are actually making it easier for you.


In every market you will find competition and I’m sure you all have or are still getting those same hype generic emails that I’m getting on a daily basis.

This is great for us as all we have to do is out cool our competition to dominate our market place.

Recently I have had many a conversation with prospects and new team members in regards to being “scammed” in the past and how hesitant it makes them moving forward.

If you present your prospect or customer with value that can solve an actual problem they are having in their life or business you will have positioned yourself head and shoulders above your competition.

People want to be able to know, like and trust you in order to do business with you.

These people don’t join your product they join YOU.


There is a simple formula which I’m going to discuss which will cover the following:

  • Where your sales will come from
  • How we get these sales – viral sustainability cycle
  • How we increase these sales – multiplication cycle


The formula is:

Positioning + Promotion + Process = Sales

There are two basic ways to increase your sales to generate more revenue.

The first is extremely obvious:

You can sell more of your stuff through improvement of process:

Increasing our opt ins, conversions, percentage opt in rate of our capture page, email link clicks etc.

Majority of people tend to concentrate on this process more than any other area of their business.

This is not where you should be focusing your energy initially.

The price is where your attention should be at – to increase your bottom line.

There are three things you can do to control your price:

  • positioning
  • value
  • supply and demand

The first one supply and demand can be affected by the scarcity of it, for example Gold.

It is known that it is not easy to find and it’s considered rare.

Positioning and value are the two bigger aspects.

This is the value formula:

Practical Value + Intrinsic Value = Total Perceived Value

Intrinsic means: belonging to a thing by its very nature.

Ok so practical value is what your product does.

The intrinsic value is the unseen perceived value created by positioning and promotion.

You put these two together and it equals the total perceived value.

The real money is in the perceived value not the practical value.

This does not mean you can sell crappy stuff and think that it will sell due to it’s perceived value.

We always want to stand behind our product and believe in it’s benefits and value 100%.

Here is an example for you:

Consider a Toyota and a Lexus.

What are your first thoughts?

Well I will take a wild guess that your perceived value between these two cars is that the Lexus is more luxurious and costs more right?

Essentially these two cars are both made by Toyota.

Did you know that? Interesting isn’t it…

So what is the major difference here?

It is the way that both Toyota and Lexus have catered to their target markets through practical value and intrinsic value.

Why should the Lexus cost more then the Toyota when it’s made by the same people?

Because of it’s total perceived value.

Both cars have major benefits such as:

Getting you from point A to point B

You can ride with your kids, friends, family, dogs etc

It keeps you sheltered from the rain, wind and snow…

You get the idea.

Now clearly the exterior cosmetic look of a Toyota compared to a Lexus is different.

If you turned up in a Lexus you would be positioned more significantly than if you were to turn up in a Toyota.

You will pay far more for a Lexus than a Toyota – some people call it “the glorified Toyota with a different name” and essentially that’s what it is.

Lexus have positioned themselves differently than they have with Toyota.

Creating a far more luxurious and authority driven vehicle through price and promotion so it is perceived in a certain way.

I am not in any way bagging Toyota, I actually love Toyota’s and spent many years driving one.

Making sense?

Think about Apple…

The new iPhone comes out and thousands of people are lined up for days to get their mitts on it first, even though they already have the current one in their hands that’s almost the same beside maybe a few new features.

Why? Apple has positioned themselves head and shoulders above the competition.

There is no effort on Apple’s part to even have to convince anyone to buy it!

Hell, I heard that people pay homeless people to line up for them outside the store for days!

Causing fights amongst the homeless of who’s lining up for who! Crazy hey!

Intrinsic value increases your effectiveness of your sales process when it is built up so much.

This is affected by two things:

The efficiency of process and the price.

Efficiency of process for example is when you decide if your opt in box should be green instead of red to increase your opt in rate.

If we double our price and everything else stays consistent we have doubled our business.

This is all fueled by the increase in intrinsic value.

How is intrinsic value built?

It is built through positioning which I cover in part two of this formula here…


Now that you understand the sales formula for creating explosive intrinsic value, take this information and run with it.

Implement it into your business and focus on the positioning initially rather than the process.


If your wanting to pick up a copy of Frank Kern’s book Convert (and why wouldn’t you right?) unfortunately it was only available for a short period of time and this is the message you’ll see when you find it:


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  1. Excellent information, Alesha! Thanks for sharing this value from a resource that isn’t widely available.

  2. Hi Alesha, Excellent Post. Totally agree with you…once we start giving value and solving other people challenges, we position ourselves as capable individuals who can be trusted. By giving others what they want, we will get what we want….Thanks.

  3. Valuable informaton. Learning how to position yourself and giving value is the key to finding success. Thanks for the share.

  4. Great post outlining the process. Back in the day, we called it ‘market value’…what value does my customer place on what I’m selling? And to learn that we looked at our competition and their offers. still applies today…because we’re talking about people and what they believe is valuable. Good stuff!

  5. Really great advice here Alesha and the analogy of the perception of marketing. Its our target audience and the process of connection. You have shared some great tips and examples of how to bring value to get results.

  6. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Great information on value I can not wait to read about positioning. Great value.

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