Three Feet From Gold

Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities

Sharon L. Lechter & Greg S. Reid with the Napoleon Hill Foundation


Three Feet From Gold - Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities


I just finished reading this phenomenal book: Three Feet From Gold – Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities….

If you haven’t read this book, you might be wondering to yourself what in the world does Three Feet From Gold actually mean?


“There is gold within three feet from where you stand now, so stay away from self-pity, stop playing victim, and whatever you do – keep digging. It’s your turn!”

This remarkable books shares a fascinating story, presenting key success principles of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

Offering a formula and workbook section for achieving success in life.

You will follow the story of Greg, a struggling entrepreneur, through a series of life changing encounters with some of today’s most powerful business leaders and inspirational figures.

You will learn of Greg and his partner Mia’s experience’s, with many ups and downs on their journey.

Along the way you’ll find encouragement and motivation to believe in yourself, discover your own personal success equation and to never give up no matter what the circumstances.


You are just Three Feet From Gold!


Three Feet From Gold’s Success Equation is this:


((P + T) x A x A) +F = Success Equation


P: Passion

T: Talent

A: Association

A: Action

F: Faith


Combine your Passion – something that makes your heart sing, with your Talent – something you excel in, multiply it by the right Association of people or organizations you surround yourself with, and Action – concrete steps towards your goal and then add Faith – the unwavering belief in yourself, and you will have your own unique Success Equation.


Remember the classic gold story that Napoleon Hill shares in Think And Grow Rich?

So many people quit when they are just Three Feet From Gold.


Three Feet From Gold will reunite your flame, fueling you to keep moving forward towards success no matter what the circumstances are……..UNTIL.


“People doubt their beliefs,

but believe their doubts.

Believe in yourself,

and the world will believe in you.”


You truly are only Three Feet From Gold.

69 thoughts on “Three Feet From Gold – Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities

  1. Thanks for Sharing about this book, I have read think and grow rich myself , but still need to get this book so I can read it to learn its golden nuggets.

  2. Love it Alesha Drew! I will definitely check this book out. I posted that pic on Instagram a while back – great visual!! Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich is also a must read for any aspiring entrepreneur!

  3. Thanks for sharing the book, I will have to read it, but you are right everyone’s pot of gold is within reach, we just have to have faith and continue to plug away.

  4. I love all the quotes you provided, I never read this book before . Just added to my list though, thanks for sharing Alesha

  5. Fantastic reminder for me today. I love the Think And Grow Rich book…am just finishing it, and will read it again. It’s amazing how simply remembering the stories and associated quotes can get you moving again! Thanks Alesha

  6. Excellent post! I’ve never heard of the book but I’ve heard the saying. you can bet I’m going to read it! Thank you. 🙂 most of us DO lose sight of our vision quit…three feet too soon! 😉

  7. Good post Alesha. It’s always great to hear about new resources to help out on the road to success! Definitely going to check this out. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  8. This one is so awesome!!! thanks Alesha!!! I also love that pic. So many people just stop because they reach what they want, or before they see alittle bit of the results they dream of…

    It’S a matter of faith also, of smart work, consistence, and not just about talent.



  9. awesome post really enjoyed the read so true most give up on their dreams too soon lack of real time perspective thanks again

  10. Awesome post…

    I remember hearing about 3 feet from gold years ago..

    I still haven’t read it…

    The story is the truth…

    Thanks again!

  11. We never realize how close we are from the materialization of our dreams and sometimes we stop without realizing that we had only a few more steps to reaching our destinations.
    Thanks for posting!

    1. No worries Yogesh, I appreciate you stopping by and gaining some value. Keep rockin on!

  12. Phenomenal post, Alesha. I’m currently finishing an article for my blog called ‘Why most bloggers fail just before reaching gold”. I really like this concept and feel that a lot of people will easily understand how they only fail once they decide to quit. I like what you’re doing with this blog, Alesha. I’ll be reading more of your content in the near future.


    1. Hi Alex, it’s fantastic to connect with you here on my blog.
      Yes this concept is fascinating indeed.
      I believe our mindsets are aligned and I look forward to connecting with you further and providing you with as much value as possible.

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