Why prospecting over the phone is a dying business strategy


If you’re around my age or older you’ll remember the good old days before cell phones were invented.

Some of you who are alot younger are probably cringing right now of this very thought.


What on earth did we do without them?


We all had a “home phone”.


I remember the fascinating progression of the home phone growing up over time.

First we had the home phone where you had to turn the dial to call the number.

Then the touch button phone came about which I thought was really cool.

Especially the call waiting feature.

If someone called, you would hear a beep beep if someone else was trying to reach you.

I used to use this massive extension chord to make private phone calls from my bedroom.

Then we got a portable home phone that sat on charge and you could move around a certain distance while you were on it.

Now answering machines were really something.

We had this box thing that you would record your voice on, then people would leave a message after the beep and you would play it back when you got home.


Around this time the internet was invented.

Good old dial up, where your phone was “engaged” if you were on it.

Around the same time as I recall the first mobile phone appeared in my high school.

It was my final year and I remember one kid had what I would describe as a “brick phone”.

I felt like we had hit a pinnacle point in history.

With the internet surfacing and these new brick phones that we could carry around with us and make calls on, how awesome.


Communication had just drastically changed.


The days of calling via a pay phone whilst out and about were slowly dwindling away.

Looking back before cell phones, I’m not even sure how our parents weren’t worried out of their minds when we were out, not being able to keep contact.


phone booth



















These days all you have to do is add someone to your find a friend apple iPhone app or check out someone’s location settings on Facebook and you’ll know exactly where they are.

Kinda creepy in a way.

Now texting was something I thought was really cool.

The way we communicated was changing so rapidly that home phones, pay phones and answering and fax machines became very few and far between.

These things are almost antique!

Of course business’s still use “home phones” in their offices to this very day and some faxes as well.















Emailing hit the scene and soon enough technology was ruling the way we communicated.

Making it so easy and convenient to connect with any human being across the globe, without ridiculous international calling rates.


When the home phone rang, if you were home you would answer it.

These days, we are inundated with cell phone calls, text, email, facebook, Skype and all sorts of other notifications, that we don’t run to receive the message from the person on the other end.

Often it is not a priority and the form of communicating via voice is becoming quite rare in many cases.

Mainly so in the younger generation of today.

Where sending a text or Facebook message is far more excepted than picking up the phone and calling someone.

Nine times out of ten the receiving person wont pick up the phone then they’ll text you and ask you what you wanted.


The attitude about the phone has entirely changed.


Next time you go to a restaurant, check out how many people are on their phones across the table from each other.

But their not actually talking to anyone on the phone, their checking their text messages and scrolling through Facebook and Instagram.

I’ll bet around 90-100% will be.

Unless your in a place where majority are over the age of 40.


People are different in the way they communicate than they were 50 years ago.


The old school days of communication are long gone!


Only the older generation who aren’t interested in technology will still pick up their home phone.


In terms of the Network Marketing industry, the shift in technology rocked the way that business was conducted.

Well, for some of us anyway….





















Back in what I call the “dinosaur days” of selling, the good old Amway days where there weren’t many options in the way that products and services could be sold.

Amway was invented in 1959, still around to this very day and the crazy part about it is that many people within the network marketing industry are still building their business like their back in the 1960’s!

Back then, there weren’t any cell phones or internet connection.

Business was conducted through home parties, hotel meetings and home phone calls.

You’re told to make a list of your family and friends.

You’re told to make 100 calls and the problem is that you can’t get through them all because everyone is picking up the phone.

People worked one job and they were home in the evening time and they picked up the phone every time.


Why are people getting told to still do this?


There’s nothing wrong with communicating with people over the phone.

However this day and age if you call 100 people, maybe a small percentage will pick up the phone.


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This is why prospecting over the phone if you’re under 40 is a dying business strategy.

In the 70’s and 80’s this strategy boomed.

Once the internet hit the world and communication changed, this model suddenly became less effective almost over night it seems.

Many traditional Network Marketers simply don’t know what they don’t know.

They don’t know that they can leverage the internet to reach their target market across the globe.

They are only doing what they are told and what they are taught.

They don’t know that there are systems they can use and set in place to run their business on autopilot and make money even while their sleeping.

They don’t know that they don’t have to run around all over town from meeting to meeting.

They don’t know that they don’t have to make  a zillion cold calls before someone picks up the phone.

The thought of three way calls gives me chills.



I could go on and on about this but the bottom line is that the world we live in has drastically changed over time and will continue to evolve.

We are living in the age of technology that we have at our very finger tips.

If we are not using it to build our business’s, we are doing ourselves a huge dis service.

Using the internet to build your business doesn’t mean that there is no communication.

Building a rapport and relationship with potential clients and customers is a crucial aspect of success.

That personal touch still applies online through email marketing, social media marketing, Google Hang Outs and Skype etc.


And yes when someone becomes an affiliate or customer of mine, I will pick up the phone and call them.

I am easily accessible for those who are serious about building an online business and will pick up the phone when someone calls me.

However, I am a busy person and my time is limited so learning how to close and upsell people over the phone is a very important skill set indeed.

There is nothing wrong with communication over the phone, it’s when and how you go about this that is paramount to your success.


53 thoughts on “Why prospecting over the phone is a dying business strategy

  1. Things have definitely changed with the phone. I remember getting the bag phone for Christmas from my husband. I thought that I was something else. lol Great post.

  2. awesome post I was calling 100 people a day for ever todays business model is so much more powerful and less time consuming.

  3. Super informative post. Really well researched and written! I literally forgot about extension cords for the phone, hahaha. Good times!!! My little sister used to pick up the phone and scream at me to get off. Classic!!

    1. LOL Right! As I was writing this the memories just all flooded back to me and as soon as I remembered the extension chord I knew I had to add it in!

  4. Love it Alesha! I remember the time before cell phones…lol Like Luanne, I remember getting the bag phone for Christmas too. I won’t go any further as you get the idea of my age group. Technology has really changed! Thanks for sharing.

  5. It’s really crazy how things have changed over the years and how fast. Can you imagine how we will be communicating in the next couple years, 10 year, or 20 years from now? Mind blowing to think about. Great post Alesha Drew!

    1. It is mind blowing isn’t it William! It’s so fascinating where we’ve come from and so exciting where we are going!

  6. wow thanks for the trip down memory lane as I’ve lived through this and then some, but now I’m looking at getting rid of my home phone, which yes I still have one as I don’t like to get all the junk call on my cell phone so I use that one for them.

  7. Thanks Alesha I can relate even though I am over 40, I think we all can all see that home phone is for emergency only lol As a parent of 4 girls I totally would have been scared to tears if I did not have a way for them to communicate when they went out, drove far in the car, ect,

  8. Hello Alesha…totally awesome, brought me back some good memories. I am with you, things have changed big time and must learn to lets go of the past and take advantage of the tools available today. Love your pictures….thanks.

  9. Hi Alesha
    Great content. So true phone is on the way of.. We don’t ven use it for selling anymore. Though it’s awesome to bring on the run, or is it more like we USEING social media on our way. Lol I remeber I had a coin in my necklace for the phone box to call home.

  10. This is funny, I use my phone only when talking to customers or long time friends that are already involved in our industry. It’s a huge time suck to talk to people who aren’t customers. Love what we do online. Unlock freedom excellent post Alesha!

  11. It is mind blowing isn’t it William! It’s so fascinating where we’ve come from and so exciting where we are going!

  12. LOL Right! As I was writing this the memories just all flooded back to me and as soon as I remembered the extension chord I knew I had to add it in!

  13. Absolutely spot in Alesha! Being aware of how we are spending our time and effort is so important and the phone may not be serving us, unless we are using it in business like James mentioned. Thank you.

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