Why You Need To Track Your Campaigns


In this video I share with you why it is essential to track your campaigns and some very cool results.

I achieved from a small test campaign I ran recently:



Clickmeter is the tracking system that I recommend.

Along with actually tracking your results you should always be split testing your capture pages.

You split test your capture pages using a rotator link.

I use Quality Click Control to create rotating links for our campaigns.

I suggest you split test 3-4 capture pages per campaign although it’s always at your discretion.

Split testing your capture pages allows for you to understand your results…

What’s working, what isn’t working so well and how to compare from one page to another.

As you can see from my conversions for my capture pages were high.

In particular my capture page that converted at 70%.




Now, what do I do with these results?

I take the capture pages that converted the best, I tweak one thing about that page and I test the original against the new one via a new campaign with the same traffic source.

I compete against myself, yes I compete against myself and see if I can increase my awesome opt in rate even further!

This is why you need to track your campaigns.

When I first started online I didn’t implement any of these strategies.


Quality Click Control





I didn’t have Clickmeter and Quality Click Control, therefore running blind in my business not knowing what was working and what wasn’t.

Create your own unique capture pages, don’t use the generic ones your company supplies you with.

You can do this if you like, however you want to set yourself a part from the competition and create your own unique flare to your pages.

I hope this presentation has been of value to you and you can implement these strategies into your business as soon as possible.

You’ll then be on your way to success in your business.









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43 thoughts on “Why You Need To Track Your Campaigns

  1. Excellent Post Alesha, I must admit, the first three years I was online, I never tracked anything. Then I started keeping tabs on everything, it’s the best way to go. Love the video, very clear and simple.

  2. this was helpful I was introduced to click meter a few months ago, and is so important to track you campagin, do you know if clickmeter has their own rotator link? i thought i saw something like that in clickmeter.
    so clickmeter and quality click control are pretty much the same?

    1. Henry, I do believe ClickMeter has a rotator now however I’m not 100% sure.
      There are so many features and they update all the time which is great!
      I only use Quality click control to rotate my links but you can track as well and there are also multiple features.

  3. Wow Alesha! Your conversion rates are amazing. I thought I was doing good at 31%. You proved to me why tracking and split testing are so important. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Scared the crap out of me,,,i was,nt ready for the Voice as the video started automaticly,,,,,
    great info here,,,,,Thanks Alesha Drew

  5. This is really great content. Thanks for the suggestion. I actually should start using Clickmeter. Thanks Alesha!

    1. ClickMeter is a great tracking system Amy and once you start using it to track your campaigns you’ll love the insight that you receive.
      Click on the ClickMeter image above to check it out. 🙂

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