You posted ‘THAT’ on Facebook!


Here’s my take on this:

Whether your using Facebook for personal or business use, we must be extremely mindful of what we post.

Ellen’s video above shows the hilarious perfect example’s of this, through her audience.

Sometimes we don’t think about how what we post ‘looks’ to the outside world.

Keep in mind and ask yourself:

  • ‘Is this a picture, a video, a status update that my friends, family, followers, business associates really want to see?
  • Why am I wanting to share this post?
  • What value am I sharing within the post?
  • What outcome am I wanting from this?

Whether you realize this or not, we are marketing ourselves and selling ourselves everyday.

The last thing you want is for people to un friend you, un follow you, click the ‘I don’t want to see this’ button or even worse to report your post or account and mark it as spam.

Sometimes there are things that are best kept to ourselves and sometime there are things that are meant for a private message.

Check out my post below:

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48 thoughts on “You posted ‘THAT’ on Facebook!

  1. Sometimes I don’t understand why people post such crazy things on Facebook without realizing that what stays up there is forever unless you delete it. I don’t mind cute and funny but other stuff that is like porn or someone doing harm to others that really isn’t something I like to see in my news feed.

  2. Great read! Yes, I completely agree. There are just some things that you don’t want to post on your Facebook account, especially if you’re marketing yourselves!

  3. Brilliant! I love Ellen, and this segment of her show is one of mine favorite. People share so much stuff, they should not. And if you are building your business online, you have to be really aware of what you sharing on SM. Thank you

  4. LOL! Lesson learned the hard way. People don’t realize how many eyeballs fall on their pictures. Discretion and good judgment are a MUST on social media. Great reminder Alesha!

  5. Hello Alesha, wow that’s dangerous…some people really have to be more careful of what post. People really post insane things on FB. Thanks…love it

  6. This is great and definitely something to consider. Either people are too cautious and don’t let enough of their realness slip out or they let too much! Walk the fine line! You can usually find that fine line by watching industry leaders that you feel emotionally connected to and mimic that until you have your own personal flavor that works for you.

  7. LOL this is hilarious! But, so true. It’s important to be yourself in the marketplace but you still need to be mindful about HOW MUCH of yourself you share.

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